Cat's Pitiful Reaction to Being Left Home Alone Caught on Camera

This makes us never want to go out again.

All pet owners hate leaving their fur babies home alone. In an ideal world, we would bring them with us everywhere we go, but unfortunately many animals must remain at home will their parents run errands. One cat took particular exception to being left home alone in this woeful video.

TikTok user @toothless.nugget recently shared a video of her cat, Nugget, sitting alone at home and meowing. Maintenance had come in previously, which bothered Nugget, and with text on the video, his mom explains that he thought it was his parents coming home, so he was disappointed when it wasn't them. Check out the video to see Nugget call for his mom to come home!

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Awww, poor Nugget is all alone! His pitiful cries are tugging at our heartstrings right now. His mom said that she almost dropped everything and came home so she could give her baby a hug, and we would totally understand if she did!

People in the comments felt bad that this kitty was missing his momma so much! @skoochnchubba said, "Awwww. Poor sweet baby just wants his mommy home. I love him so much!" Another user, @lilyb292929, commented, "He misses you. Please get home and hug him." We hope Nugget's mom came home soon after this video!

Others recommended ways to help Nugget. @someone_youu_know commented, "The silence is killing him! You should leave some music or the tv on as a companion," and @yallknow.kai said, "Another cat might keep him company!" We totally think Nugget's mom should get him a feline friend to hang out with when she's gone!

We think Nugget should never be left home alone again! Either they kitty needs to accompany his momma on all errands, or this cat needs his own feline friend. We hope for the second option!

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