Cat's Jealous Reaction to Parents Embracing Is Just Like a Human Kid

Clearly, this cat wants to be the center of attention.

Fur babies can be more like human babies than you would think, and this Ragdoll cat is the perfect example. Little Yoshi has two parents and a fur sister to love, but he still gets jealous AF when his mom and dad hug. There's even a precious video to prove it!

The clip comes from @eeveeandyoshi's TikTok account, where Yoshi and his sister share their daily shenanigans. Judging by the popularity of this video, this kitty won't have any shortage of attention anymore!

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Awww, Yoshi! We love his little meow and the way he paws at his parents for attention, but nothing's as cute as the moment they let him in on the hug. We bet other pet owners know exactly how that feels!

"Time for Yoshi Hug Sammich," said @hail_seitan013. It's the best kind of sandwich! Everyone in the video seemed more than happy to turn this embrace into a group hug. All that's missing is sister Eevee!

"He’s such a momma's boy I love when he’s like 'mom I’m more important than dad'” @brooke.mccrea29 wrote. It's both hilarious and precious! Of course, Yoshi was completely satisfied once he was in the middle of everything, so we suppose his mission is complete.

Then again--his contentedness might only last a few seconds! @Zephyr.anthes shared, "we used to sandwich our cat and hold the hug until she said, 'ok, ok! I need in the out now!'" LOL, that sounds about right. Yoshi's human replied saying that he does the same thing. Must be a cat thing! Still, it's pretty entertaining for us humans, too.

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