Cat's Impressive Attempt to Hang Onto a Chicken Leg Is Too Funny

Look at how many people worked to get the chicken leg back!

There’s no question that animals will do just about anything to get their hands on some human food. And once they snag something off your plate, good luck getting it back. It might take a few people to get the food out of your pet's mouth.

Don’t believe us, just watch this clip from TikTok user @coachmeeks. The viral video has reached over 10 million views within the first week and it answers a very important question we’ve all been dying to know – how many grown adults does it take to get a chicken wing away from a cat? You’ll be surprised by the answer! LOL!

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O.M.G. Is this cat for real!? She wasn’t going to let anyone stop her from getting the tasty treat. And honestly, we totally get why she was upset they were taking it away from her. She was just playing finders keepers. LOL!

“Even the dog in the back saying y’all crazy for messing with that cat lol,” said @markhalejr. HA! We wouldn’t even dare try to take it back from the cat! She’s clearly very feisty when it comes to food. Although, it didn’t end up in her favor. But it did take four people to get the chicken leg back. LOL! “The cat licking her lips at the end like ‘Worth it!’” commented @shell2650. And you know she’ll try again at some point!

TikTok user @wisconsinwarrior must’ve gone through something similar because the comment offers great advice. It reads, “Wrap her in a blanket, and use it as a straight jacket! No claws!” That’s brilliant! And as always, keep your eyes on your food because pets are sneaky! 

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