Cat's Hilarious 'Chirping' at Turkeys in the Yard Has People Rolling

Winston's sounds are beyond precious!

Winston the Oriental Shorthair is already a popular guy on TikTok. He looks a bit like Adam Driver (okay, more than a bit), and he's also naturally entertaining. But now, he has a new skill that his followers are loving!

In a recent popular video from his human mom's account, @hannahzgreat, Winston can be heard chirping at some turkeys in the yard. We don't know what exactly we were expecting to hear, but this certainly wasn't it!

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OMG--listen to him! We knew cats could chirp (and we've heard it before) but we've never heard it quite like this. Maybe his excitement made his mouth move so quickly!

Commenter @xforlornx noticed that Winston sounds like "the villagers in Animal Crossing." LMAO! We thought about that too, and we're sure we're not the only gamers to make that connection.

Whatever the sound reminds you of, though, one thing is for sure: "that’s a code red emergency." @Shehan1013 is so right! Winston is clearly worked up about the turkeys in the yard. So worked up, in fact, that he's starting to sound like one himself! @Spoonie_storm also said, "he wants to talk to them in their language," and now we're convinced!

As much as this kitty's excitable sounds make us smile, we full on laughed out loud at @malison6262's comment. She called him "Winston Chirphill," and we're still not over it! Whatever you want to call this kitty, though, there's no doubt just how cute he is. We bet he'd even be popular with the turkeys in the yard!

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