Cat's Funny Way of Chillin' Out in a Baby Chair Is Quickly Going Viral

Attention everyone! We have found him! The absolute number uno coolest cat on TikTok. First and foremost, his chill attitude is simply off the charts. While the rest of us humans are stressing over deadlines and life's little dilemmas, he's there, lounging on his throne-like baby chair, just rocking back and forth and radiating an air of chill that would make anyone jealous.

TikTok user @Gabgouletox posted a pic of her gorgeous white kitty and yup, he's chilling like a villain. Volume up for the entire vibe.

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Man, he's got that nonchalant vibe down to a science, daring anyone to question his life choices. It's like he's gearing up to give us that side-eye, as if to say, "Yeah, I'm sitting here like a boss. Jealous much?"

First of all, @TikTok user @Hugesquirrel has totally figured out why this cat is doing this, and says, "He’s charging his solar panels for nighttime zoomies." @Enigma thinks the cat may possibly be on something, and adds " When that catnip be nippin’." A professional weighs in, and says, "I’m a veterinary assistant and if anyone’s wondering this cat has a serious case of being an unbothered KING." That tracks. @Lesley adds, "Just living his best life!" Indeed, LOL!

It's just the way he effortlessly owns his chill attitude, the fearless way he dares the world to question him, and of course, his unbeatable adorableness. We don't think the baby who owns this chair would even be mad at the cat using it, he's just that cool. He's leaving us mere mortals in awe of his sheer awesomeness. Long live the king of cool cats!

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