Cat's Funny Protest Over Leaving His Friend After a Playdate Is Full of Drama

We've all been there before. You were having so much fun at a friend's house that the hours flew by and all of a sudden, your mom was there to pick you up. The playdate was officially over and you had to go home. You begged and pleaded to stay for longer, but you had no luck, and you were dragged out.

Believe it or not, pets throw the same type of protest over leaving their friends too. Don't believe us? Just look at this adorable cat named Kai being forced out of his friend's house. The clip, which was posted to TikTok account @dontstopmeowing, is our new favorite drama series.

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LMAO! Poor Kai really didn't want to go home. This cat even asked so nicely to stay for a little longer. But as we all know, playdates always come to an end. "Like my kids at grandma's," commented @xcatcrazycax. Exactly! Add this is the list of reasons why pets and kids are so similar!

"It was the paws hanging onto the wall for me lol," wrote @dizzyd038. Since it didn't work when he politely asked to stay, he knew he needed to bring on the drama. We'd be lying if we didn't say we used to do this as a kid too. LOL! Although, the pleading wasn't nearly as cute as when Kai does it. He's the drama king!

Another TikToker, @unique.jessicaa, said, "He’s so cute! He just wants a sleepover lol." Talk about being rude! They kicked him out for no reason at all. Who wouldn't want Kai to stay at their house?! If you were at our house for a playdate Kai, we'd let you stay over as long as you'd like!

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