Cat's Funny Game of 'Cards Against Humanity' Is Pure Internet Gold

If you're a Millennial who's been to at least one party, sleepover, or hangout, you're probably familiar with Cards Against Humanity. This iconic game can work with any sense of humor, and the rules couldn't be easier to understand. They're so easy, in fact, that even a pet cat can play!

This Siamese cat named Noelle--or @bap.kat as she's known on TikTok--is an expert at this party game. Cards Against Humanity is one of her favorite things to do with her owners, and some of her card selections are pure gold.

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LMAO! We definitely weren't expecting that, but let's be honest here--almost anything sounds good after four margaritas. That though? We're not so convinced!

This Siamese cat's IDGAF vibe while she picks a card is just too funny to witness. Those Beatles-style sunglasses enhance her cool look, too, but our absolute favorite detail is the way she gently taps her chosen card. Actually, that's how she got her TikTok username! Tons of other viewers are fawning over the way this cool cat 'baps' the cards, and now you can count us on that list too. This cat is totally one of the bros!

"Gimme four margaritas I'mma start a revolt!" wrote @neuroscience.barbie. LOL! This giggle-worthy reference is a tip to the hilarious 'Margarita Song' that went viral on TikTok, though even without the context, this sentence is the exact vibe this Siamese kitty gives off.

This entertaining feline plays rounds of Cards Against Humanity and other party games every day, so if this made you laugh--there's a lot more where that came from!

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