Cat Trying To Fight Sleep To Stay Awake for ‘Scooby Doo’ Is So Relatable

Cats, like humans, sometimes like to lounge and watch TV, and sometimes they doze off.

The owner of the cat Ella captured such an adorable moment and posted it in a video on October 29, and it's too cute to miss!

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This is too cute. Ella even has her own TV lounge chair and is all cozy, so of course it's just a matter of time until she dozes off.

We've all been there, am I right?

According to Ella's owner, she also likes to watch TV in the morning to start her day, as any kid would.

Cats, like humans, can be captivated by moving images on a TV screen. However, the way they respond to watching TV varies from cat to cat. Some cats might show an interest in certain types of programming due to the movement, sounds, or specific visual elements; for others, watching TV is relaxing.

As we know, there is just something very soothing and relaxing about watching TV, even when your favorite movie or show is on. And sometimes it's just hard to fight it when sleep is ready to take over.

That being said, the reasons why some cats might doze off watching TV are similar to being in other relaxing situations. If a cat is already comfortable and feels safe in its environment, it might find the low, ambient noise of a TV soothing.

My cat also sleeps while watching TV; it's so relatable.

However, it's important to remember that cats have individual preferences and not all of them will find watching TV appealing or sleep-inducing.

I think Ella would disagree.

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