Cat Stands Upright and Chills Like a Human in Hilarious Video

Just standing totally upright, no big.

Music all the way up for this one, because this totally derpy sound bite fits this cat all too perfectly! What exactly is she doing? How is she able to stand up like this for so long? Why does she look like a human? Aren't her little paws getting tired? What is she looking at? 

This video posted by TikTok user @Debbiecripps is just so funny. Watch and try and figure out exactly what little cat Lola was doing here. 

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She's so funny! She's just standing in the garden, living her best cat life. @Alice comments, "I call this one the meerkat!" She does look like a meerkat! @Ghoulingaround adds, "No thoughts, only stand." @Lachelle asks "Please, what was she looking at?" 

Spoiler alert! According to Lola's owner, it was her very first time seeing a frog in the garden. Awwww. It doesn't look like she changed her pose to pounce it either, just relaxing on a beautiful day watching the frog. She's simply too adorable. 

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