Cat Shows Up On Woman's Doorsteps and Rattles Off a Huge List of Complaints

Okay all you cat language experts out there, we need a translation of exactly what "numma numma numma noooo" means in cat language because the cat in the following video won't stop saying it.

TikTok user @Jacglobalinc posted the following video of a stray cat who showed up on her doorstep and just won't take "numma numma numma noooo" for an answer.

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Okay, so there's no way we would have turned this stray cat away. he has important things to say! He could be warning her that her car warranty is about to expire or that she's out of catnip or something!

The best comment comes from TikTok user @Redd  who makes an excellent point and says, "Your porch sign said Welcome." You can't blame that cat it was just reading the sign!

We have no idea why that cat was going off like that but the creator says she has two other cats and maybe, just maybe, this stray random cat was arguing with one of the cats inside. It sounds like it was or else it was demanding a date with one of the indoor cats but the creator also explains that her cats are fixed.

All we know is that a cat with that much to say has no business wandering the neighborhood. He should be safe and sound inside where he can talk back to the TV or something.

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