Cat Setting and Controlling Strict Bedtime for the Family Is Hilarious

He means business.

If your parents were anything like ours, you had a very strict bedtime. Forget about asking to stay up later because there were no ifs, ands, or buts in the house. Bedtime was bedtime. And just like parents, pets like to stick to a specific bedtime too.

One cat, known on TikTok as @mrmilothechonk, has a hilarious way of making sure everyone gets to bed on time. We actually think this cat is a little stricter than our parents when we were little. LOL! Take a look and see how this cat’s bedtime roundup compares to what it was like in your childhood!

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LMAO! Just when we thought our parents were strict when it came to bedtime, they had nothing on this cat! Milo means business in the household. And we understand. He’s just wanting everyone to get a good night's sleep.

“Him moving the blinds like, ‘Look it's dark,’” commented @zomb_bree. He was trying to tell them that if the sun was sleeping, so should everyone else. LOL! @kevin.the.menance added, “His methods may be crude, but they get results dang it.” Ain’t that the truth! He wouldn’t keep doing these methods if no one listened!

Another TikToker, @pattycake90, wrote, “Love him. He knows routines in life are very important.” It’s true! Cats love routines because they're creatures of habit. By sticking to a strict routine, they can feel safe and confident so we’re so glad this family listens and follows Mr. Milo’s bedtime. You wouldn’t want him to feel out of whack without his routine!

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