Cat Returned to Shelter Numerous Times for Over a Year Needs a Forever Home

This poor thing needs all the love and security in the world.

Dani is an absolutely adorable white and black cat that has been at the Chesapeake Feline Association for over 446 days and has been returned numerous times to the shelter all because she is having litter box issues. Dani is so sweet and affectionate, and she deserves a family to call her own.

@Chesapeakefeline posted the following video of precious Dani who really only needs a very special family who is willing to work with her to learn how to consistently use her litter box.

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@Cookiecarol comments "She is just so beautiful. I will pray that she gets her forever home she deserves so much. Love, hugs and happiness forever sweet angel."

If you have a cat or have adopted a rescue cat with litter box issues there are steps you can take to try and alleviate this problem. Your first step should be to take your cat or kitten to the veterinarian to rule out any physical problems that are causing your cat to eliminate outside the box, like a urinary tract infection. Multiple litter boxes with unscented litter that are cleaned frequently can also help, especially if you have multiple floors in your home. Also using a strong cleaner specially formulated to deal with cat urine each time your cat urinates outside the box will mask any urine orders so your cat doesn't continue peeing in the same place.

With time and patience and the correct set-up, most cats learn to use the litter box very quickly, as long as there are no medical issues.

If you live near Maryland and are interested in sweet Dani, you can contact the shelter here.

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