Cat Mom Testing Which Halloween Decorations Are 'Feline Proof' Is Hilariously Accurate

People are rushing to stock up on all the latest Halloween decorations and we don't blame them. We love filling our houses up with spooky decorations. It gets us in the mood for Autumn, which is without a doubt the best season of the year.

But any pet parent will tell you there are extra steps involved in decorating your house as some items could be breakable with fur babies running around. TikTok user @miawessel posted a September 9 video of her testing out which Halloween decorations are "feline proof" and it's hilariously accurate. Take a look!

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O.M.G. You'll regret getting an item if you don't do the little tappy tap tests before buying it because cats are masterminds and will know to break it immediately. LOL! We say that because we come from first-hand experience. And if you're a new cat owner, use this video as a PSA. It's better to test out the holiday decorations than waste money on them if your cat will break them anyway.

Many dog lovers will use cats knocking over items as an argument in the never-ending cats vs. dogs battle. Now, while this cat behavior can be very frustrating, especially to those who don't know cats, there are several reasons as to why they're doing it. This behavior may come from a cat's hunting instinct, but it could also be their way of getting your attention or curing boredom.

There are a few different options to try out that will potentially stop your cat from knocking items off tables or shelves. If your cat likes to hunt, provide him or her with catnip mice toys or food puzzles. This will give them both a challenge and a reward for their efforts. You'll also want to spend more time with your cat, playing, scratching, or brushing them. These tips aren't a guarantee that the behavior will stop, but it's a start.

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