Cat Mom Shares 3 Fascinating Facts About Oriental Shorthairs

There's a lot to learn about these affectionate, big-eared breed.

We all love looking at cat videos on TikTok, but when was the last time we took time to learn about the animals that we're watching? We genuinely can't remember! That's why we appreciate the educational value of videos like this one, which shares 3 interesting facts about one unique cat breed.

Oriental Shorthair cats might be known online as 'the cats that look like Adam Driver,' but they are so much more than their distinct physical traits. Cat mom @hannahzgreat took to TikTok to share more about the breed, and everyone is learning something new.

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Oriental Shorthairs are such a fascinating breed! We didn't know the first thing about them before watching this video, so this felt like an entire crash course of Cats 101. Now we know what to expect from these chatty little extroverts.

"They also honk," wrote @melon.n.finn. That's true! Even though we don't get to see it in this video, Oriental Shorthairs do make adorable honking sounds instead of your traditional 'meow.' We want to learn more about this honk in the next episode of Hannah's fun facts series! If there are more, that is. Judging from the number of questions viewers have for this cat mom, she'd have plenty of facts for a second video.

@Lihhurbx asked, "do they get along well with other breeds?" Yes, they sure do! These social felines are just as happy to spend time with other cats as they are to be with humans. How sweet!

There are several other questions in this comment section alone, so we sure do hope to see more videos from Hannah and her Oriental Shorthair gang.

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