Cat Mom Issues Stern Warning About Common Household Danger for Cats

As we inch closer to the arrival of spring, there are so many seasonal specialties to look forward to. Baby animals are popping up everywhere, temperatures are getting warmer, and flowers are finally back in bloom. Whether you're a dog mom, a cat owner, or even the owner of a ranch, there are so many ways to celebrate the season with the animals you love.

However, the springtime months, and even the months leading up to them, can hide several hidden dangers for pets. Cats, in particular, are susceptible to this common household toxin, but few cat owners know exactly what it is we're talking about.

Fortunately, Liv does! This informed cat mom took to TikTok on February 1 to warn others of the dangers of this common springtime item.

It's lilies! Although these flowers are incredibly beautiful, they are extremely toxic to pets. While dogs can experience upsetting symptoms such as GI upset and mouth or throat irritation, lily poisoning from lilies tends to be milder and much less common than it is with cats. Felines have a much higher risk of adverse effects and even death after ingesting this plant.

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Which types of lilies are poisonous to cats? All of them! The entire 'true lily' and 'daylily' families are toxic to felines, and every single part of the plant is dangerous if ingested. Even the pollen has the potential to cause lethal side effects, including feline kidney failure and death.

Which flowers are toxic to cats?

As if this fact isn't scary enough, lilies aren't the only plants that have the potential to harm a cat. As one commenter reminded everyone, tulips can be just as dangerous. The ASPCA explains that these flowers contain Tulipalin A and B, which are poisonous to cats, dogs, and even horses. The highest concentration of the toxin is in the bulb of the plant, but all parts of the plant are poisonous.

The ASPCA's website has a helpful guide for animal owners to distinguish which common plants and flowers may be toxic for their dogs, cats, and horses. While the list of toxic plants may appear long--don't panic. Many toxic plants will have mild side effects and would need to be consumed in large quantities to be fatal.

Even so, it's always a smart idea to do your research before keeping a plant in your home where your curious cat can reach it. Cat owners can look out for their fur babies in lots of ways, and staying mindful is just one of those ways!

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