Cat Found with Cocaine in His System Is Living His Best Life at Cincinnati Zoo

Thank goodness he will be well-cared for at the zoo.

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction, and due to the box office blockbuster Cocaine Bear it was only a matter of time before we heard about another animal with a taste for nose candy. On January 28 cops pulled over a car at a traffic light and an African Serval cat escaped through the car window and ran up a tree.

Servals are illegal to keep as pets in Ohio.

The AP reports that once Amiry, the cat, was taken in for medical care by Cincinnati Animal CARE, the team ran a drug test in which they determined that Amiry had cocaine in his system.

It is now standard procedure to run drug tests on exotic animals, because according to the same report:

"It’s not the first time that Cincinnati Animal CARE, which has been operating as the county animal shelter, has had a wild animal test positive for drugs. In 2022, the group took in a capuchin monkey, named Neo, that had methamphetamine in its system."

Ray Anderson of Cincinnati Animal CARE said, the owner of Amiry relinquished custody of the cat to Cincinnati Animal CARE before it was taken into the care of the Cincinnati Zoo.

@Seattledad comments, "Honestly, I like humans. But sometimes I don’t." @Micheletucker adds, "What? That’s just awful. People suck."

This poor cat, it's awful to think that such a helpless animal had drugs in its system. Thank goodness it will now be safe and cared for by the Cincinnati zoo were it can live out the rest of its days without having access to illegal drugs.

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