Cat Faces Off with Mountain Lion After It Approaches the Family Home

Instagram user @pandemicthecat recently posted one of the wildest videos we’ve ever seen. It’s almost hard to believe this happened. If you happen to live in an area where wild animals roam, make sure you have a big dog and don’t let your cat outside.

Right outside this person's door was not what one might typically see. Not a squirrel or bird or even possum, but a mountain lion! What?! You’ll be blown away by this clip, along with all the other tens of thousands of people who have watched it.

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O.M.G. We don’t even know what words to use because this is wild! It’s got us tongue-tied. LOL!

Granted, the mountain lion is pretty impressive. But we have to say, it's the fearlessness of the 13-year-old cat who decided to face off with it who has us truly blown away! People who viewed the clip are equally as taken back. One Instagram user, @fahfam noted, "When you are determined to defend your territory." Indeed, that cat was ready to throw down!

But as much as we would love a confident cat looking out for us, we would still be so scared seeing this right outside our door. As another fan of the video said, "I'm not going outside!" (And exactly no one can blame them.)

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