Cat Brings Mom a Baby Bunny She Found Outside and the Story Is Going Viral

Outdoor cats are known to be hunters. And if you own an outdoor cat, you're probably very aware that they love bringing you home special surprises. These "gifts" make you scream and you begin to wonder how on earth your cat got it in the first place.

That's what happened to TikTok user @veravertegaal and her Tuxedo Cat. Her cat named Ellie brought home a tiny, adorable baby bunny. The clip has nearly 20 million views. Check out what happened after Ellie brought this gift home; don't worry, there's a happy ending!

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O.M.G. How did this TikToker stay so calm?! We would've screamed if our cat brought home a baby bunny. LOL! We're so glad the cat didn't harm this baby and was actually able to lead this TikToker back to the nest.

"I'm more surprised the cat led you right back to the nest," commented @astraeus27. Right?! We would've never asked our cats to lead us back to the nest because we just know they'd never reveal their source. LOL! @adel_artgallery_london added, "The fact that your cat took you back to the bunny nest is a smart move and amazing." Retweet!

Many TikTokers are nervous that the momma bunny will reject the baby after smelling human scent, but this creator happily reported the mom has already come back and she's caring for them all. Yay! We love a happy ending! @keshiachante wrote, "You’re an amazing human thank you for returning the baby." A million, trillion thank yous! We should also be thanking the cat too for helping lead this TikToker back to the nest! Who knows what would've happened if Ellie didn't help.

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