Cat’s Annoyed Attitude Over His ‘Spare Human’ Is Cracking Everybody Up

Most pets seem to gravitate towards one person who they love above all others. For this orange cat named Waffles, that person is his mom. But messing with his 'spare human' has become his favorite hobby, and lucky for us, mom has several video clips to prove it.

Waffles' humans posted a montage on Wednesday, March 20th of several different interactions between Waffles and his dad. Not only does Waffles scratch at dad any time he gets the chance, but he hisses at him too. Make sure your sound is on so that you can hear Waffles' irritation when dealing with his dad!

This totally made me laugh, and Waffles' fans did too. @wahkan got more than 30 thousand likes when he pointed out, "Hissing at him while he rubs against him LOL!" and @Mpls made a good point, "I love how he hates Spare Human but also wants to be around him all the time!" @CatMomTay admits, "Normally I’m on the cat's side, but dang! Poor spare human! LOL!"

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Do Cats Really Dislike Certain People?

Can a cat really dislike a person? If you have owned a cat before then you already know the answer is yes. Cats can be a finicky bunch, and many felines are particular about what (and who!) they like and dislike. They can be passive aggressive, moody, and are prone to changing their minds about liking something in one second flat! They have no problem making it clear when they don't like you or something you are if you're trying to cuddle them or pet them when they don't feel like it.

What are some of the signs that a cat is just not that into you? Well, the obvious would be if they bite, scratch, or hiss at you if you anytime you are around them. Sometimes your cat may give a soft bite - like a little love bite, but if they bite or scratch with their claws and break skin, they don't like you.

Your cat uses its tail to communicate how it's feeling. If its tail is curled under, fluffed out, or lashing around, that's an angry cat. If they flatten their ears when you come around, that's another sign they don't care for you. If a cat meows angrily or refuses to make eye contact, those are signs that they don't like you.

If you walk into a room that they're in and they leave, hide, or arch their back as their fur sticks up, yep, the cat is definitely not a fan of yours. Cats make it very clear when they don't like somebody! Many people think cats make better pets than dogs, but I think I'll stick with Team Dog.

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