Cat’s Angry Protest To Getting Dried off After a Bath Is Priceless

Does your cat like to be bathed? It's no secret that most cats don't like water, and it's always funny to watch their reactions to it. Sven is a cat who most definitely is not a fan of water, and he has no problem letting his mom know it. His mom shared a video in mid-March of what happens when she tries to dry him off after a bath, and it will totally make you laugh!

The video is about a minute long and starts with Sven's mom squeezing excess water from his fur. She then starts drying him off with a towel, and the whole time Sven is angrily objecting to the unfair treatment. Make sure your sound is on so that you can hear all of his angry protests!

Sven was not having it! Although he was quite angry about the treatment he was receiving, he also remained pretty calm about it. Fans left more than 300 comments about the video, and some of them were pretty funny. @taellauv shared, "He was quite angry, but I found him very adorable!" @notmiracomot laughed, "I laughed so hard at the take off LOL!!" and @Britt added, "Sven's about to transform into Lightning McQueen!"

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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

There are many reasons why most cats don't like baths, and they probably won't surprise you. For the most part, cats like to feel clean and spend a lot of time each day grooming themselves. However sometimes they need to be bathed because of dander, fleas, rolling in something smelly, or even due to skin allergies.

If your cat doesn't have any of these issues, you might be surprised by how often they really need a bath. According to Catster, "The general rule of thumb is that cats need a maximum of one bath every few months (or even less frequently) unless they get into something particularly dirty or smelly. No matter the reason, ideally, you shouldn’t bathe your cat more than once every 4 to 6 weeks. Don’t bathe your cat more often than once a month unless you’re doing so under the direction of your vet."

So why do cats hate water? Water can weigh a cat down, making its coat very heavy and uncomfortable. Even after a good drying off, it can take quite some time for their fur to completely dry.

Many cats feel out of control when placed in water and it can make them anxious and aggressive. Cats have a keen sense of smell, and it's possible that they don't like water because they can smell chemicals in it.

When it's time to give your cat a bath, be patient, calm, and pamper your kitty. We all know how awful it is to be afraid; use empathy throughout the process and don't forget to give your purr baby an extra treat afterwards!

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