Casetify’s New Zodiac Phone Cases Are Totally Eco-Friendly

Maggie Griswold
·1 min read

A little news directly from your horoscope: The new Goodful x Casetify zodiac phone cases have just dropped, and they’re ready to star in your next mirror selfie. This eco-friendly collection is not only the chicest set of sustainable phone cases I’ve ever seen, but they’re zodiac-themed. (We love to see it!) Keeping your phone protected, doing good for the planet and having something that reminds the world of your zodiac sign? Um, count me in. Because even if you claim you “don’t care” about astrology, we all know you check your horoscope from time to time—and, quite frankly, these phone cases are too cute for even the biggest skeptics to resist.

Even better? You can...

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