Casa di Pietra is a Malibu dream house so luxurious the Kardashians frequent it

Emerald Pellot

Even the Kardashians frequent this Malibu dream house. 

The luxurious Casa di Pietra estate is nestled in between the Pacific Ocean and a mountain range. But that’s not the only reason why hit series like “Ray Donavan,” “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “The Bachelor” film at the massive property. 

Doug Burdge of Burdge and Associates Architects gave In The Know a tour of the modern mansion. The house was created with an “indoor/outdoor” feeling in mind so that the interior seamlessly integrates with the outside space. Basically, there are lots of giant windows with gorgeous views of nature in just about every room.  

“We have major entertaining spaces, you’ve got great dining spaces, you’ve got a really big kitchen,” Burdge told In The Know. “The other feature of this property and of this room especially is the stairwell. We wanted it to feel like a piece of sculpture. It’s timeless in its design.” 

The villa has four luxury bedrooms, but up the artful spiral staircase are the two master suites. Each has a king-size bed, fireplace, flat-screen TV and a glass wall leading to a balcony overlooking the ocean.

“You’re in bed or you’re in this room and you really feel you’re enjoying the beautiful weather,” Burdge said. “You can hear the ocean in the evening. In this particular bathroom, we put the fireplace so you can see it from both the inside and the outside.” 

Casa di Pietra’s massive spa-like bathrooms include an all-stone tub, limestone showers and multiple closets. Meanwhile, another seamless element is how the patio, with pool, jacuzzi and outdoor kitchen, goes into the lawn and the lawn goes out to the ocean. 

Finally, head upstairs for the real show-stopping feature: the roof deck. 

“You’ve got over 3,000 square feet of space that’s set up for bars and entertainment,” Burdge told In the Know. “You’ve got the ocean on one side and then you’ve got the incredible mountain views on the other.” 

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