Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Sculpted Legs in Mini Denim Shorts and Boots

Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Sculpted Legs in Mini Denim Shorts and Boots

Singer Carrie Underwood is gearing up for tour and she's bringing "country music's most toned legs" with her.

The American Idol alum shared a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like getting ready to embark on her upcoming Denim & Rhinestones tour. With it being just a few weeks away, Carrie captioned her photo by asking, "Any guesses on what song I'm rehearsing here?" and included a link directing fans to her website to buy tickets.

In the IG photo, the "Before He Cheats" singer is clearly showing off those skills that has made her one of the most successful country artist, but we can all probably agree that trying to guess what song she's singing was the last thing on fans' minds.

The 39-year-old practiced for tour in a yellow sleeveless top and mini denim cutoff shorts. She added bedazzled ankle boots to complete the casual fit, but it was her oh-so-toned legs that left people wanting her entire leg day workout routine.

People left messages like:


  • "OMG those legs 🔥 where r this shoes from?"

  • "Clearly every one of your workouts is leg day."

  • "Dang, those leg muscles girl! 👏"

Long-time Carrie fans are well aware that this look is nothing new for the singer. For example, we have this full-blown bedazzled look from her Stagecoach appearance:

Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images

And let's not forget her unforgettable performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards where she literally soared above the crowd:

Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

We could keep going, but you get it!

As for her routine, she happily shared some details in an interview with Women's Health. She didn't pay attention to nutrition or fitness until she was the subject of cruel online message boards during her time on American Idol. “I was tired, and I kept buying bigger clothes,” she recalls. “I knew I could be better for myself, and I let my haters be my motivators.”

Ever since, the mom of two has used fitness as her own personal stress reliever. She and her trainer incorporate upper and lower body exercises into their workouts and from the look of things, it's obviously working!

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