Caroline Kennedy, Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Admires "Resilience" at Tokyo Olympics

Photo credit: Slaven Vlasic - Getty Images
Photo credit: Slaven Vlasic - Getty Images

This summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo have captured the attention of viewers across the globe, including former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy. The daughter of President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy Onassis served as ambassador under President Barack Obama, from 2013 to 2017. Given her time in Japan, she noted that she's now quite invested in this year's games.

"I’ve been watching so much Olympics," she told Savannah Guthrie on Today.

The Japanese government began preparing for this year's games while Kennedy was ambassador, so she became familiar with the extensive process behind setting up an Olympic city. She also discussed how unfortunate it was that Covid forced the postponement of the games for one year. However, Kennedy described that this ability to put on the massive event after a pandemic illustrates the tenacity of the Japanese people.

"[The Japanese] really have been so incredibly resilient and [the Olympics have] been a big part of showing that quality," Kennedy said. "So, in a way, it’s the perfect place to have had it and I’m glad that they’re doing so well."

However, just because the Olympics are happening does not mean the process has been easy.

"It couldn’t be more difficult and a more difficult time, but I think they’ve done such a great job," Kennedy noted. "It just shows you how hard this is but I’m so happy that everybody’s gotten to participate."

Kennedy is now rumored to be President Joe Biden's pick for U.S. Ambassador to Australia. When Guthrie asked whether these early reports were true, Kennedy did not answer, but she did describe what an impact her presence made during her service in Japan. Kennedy was the first woman to hold the position and, should she get the Australia post, she would be the first woman to serve in that role, as well.

She said, "The Japanese people are just amazingly warm and welcoming, and I think being the first woman to be ambassador was really a great privilege for me because I got to share some of what we’ve accomplished, even though we have a long way to go."

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