Carole Baskin’s Husband’s Death Might Be Connected to His Handyman & We’re So Confused

Jenzia Burgos
·1 min read

It’s now possible that Carole Baskin’s husband’s death was connected to his handyman on Tiger King. At least that’s according to a new witness on an upcoming episode of 48 Hours Suspicion. The CBS series is premiering an episode that investigates the 1997 disappearance of Don Lewis—otherwise known as the Big Cat Rescue owner’s former husband—and it’s set to air on Wednesday, September 9 at 10 p.m. ET. In it, viewers will hear from Trish Farr-Payne: a woman who believes her own ex-husband, Kenny Farr, had something to do with Lewis’ disappearance.

In a preview clip for the episode, Farr-Payne reveals her ex-husband’s connection to Baskin and Lewis. Farr worked as a handyman for the...

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