Caris LeVert's role could get even bigger

Caris LeVert is averaging respectable numbers already this season, and could see increased minutes as stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant get rest days.

Video Transcript

STEVE ALEXANDER: Caris LeVert of the Brooklyn Nets could be on the verge of getting a boost in fantasy value. Spencer Dinwiddie tore his ACL, done for the year. And if you add in the fact that he was playing 21 minutes a game, those minutes are going to have to go somewhere, and I think they might be going to Caris LeVert, or at least a lot of them.

LeVert is already averaging 13 points, five boards, four assists, a steal, a block, and almost two 3-pointers. Last year he averaged 19 points, four boards, 4 and 1/2 assists, a steal, and two 3-pointers. We were all worried about how he was going to function with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving around, but as we saw on Monday, Kevin Durant's a load-management concern. Kyrie Irving could also be a load-management concern, and everything is setting up perfectly for Caris LeVert to go off.

He's already playing really well. His 23 minutes could go up to 30 minutes with Dinwiddie done for the season, and I think it's time to get excited about Caris LeVert again.