This Caribbean Island Is the Most Affordable Spot for U.S. Travelers

It's as beautiful a destination as they come.

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Everyone loves a good deal. Especially when that good deal is on a dream vacation.

As part of its 2024 Travel Trends report, Skyscanner revealed some of the best value destinations travelers can explore right now. To come to this conclusion, the team married its “own proprietary search and booking data,” including data on the more than 80 billion flight comparisons it makes each day, with its annual consumer behavior study.

According to the consumer study findings, value remains a “key factor” for travelers when planning a vacation. Of the U.S. travelers surveyed, 17 percent said both the cost of rental cars and the cost of food are the biggest factors when determining a potential travel destination.

But, on the flip side, people seem more than happy to save for a dream trip. As the findings noted, “39 percent of U.S. travelers have budgeted to spend more on travel in 2024 compared to 2023, while 45 percent will spend the same. Only 5 percent have said they’ll spend less.”

So, where can people go for a good deal and a great time? Skyscanner named San Juan, Puerto Rico, its most value friendly spot, finding flights at about $295 for its users.

“For U.S. travelers looking for a relaxing beach vacation, the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and the Bahamas offer some of the most affordable flights from the U.S., with flights to San Juan and Nassau particularly good value,” the findings declared, pointing out its No. 3 most value-friendly spot, Nassau, as well.

Beyond a good deal, San Juan, and the whole of Puerto Rico, really does deliver on the riches at a great price thanks to its plethora of low-cost or free activities like lounging by the turquoise waters, hiking through the only rainforest in the United States, and even kayaking through bioluminescent water that will make you think you paddled right into Avatar. And, of course, the nation is home to more than its fair share of spectacular hotels, too.

As for the others to make the list, two Canadian cities — Toronto and Vancouver — came in at No. 2 and 4, respectively, with another warm-weather spot, Cancun, Mexico, rounding out the top five. And, because you’re saving so much by picking value-friendly destinations, you really could talk yourself into being OK visiting them all, right?

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