Cardi B's XXL '80s Curls Would Make Donna Summer So Proud

Typically, you can catch Cardi B with a colorful or jet-black sleek "buss down" look that is 40 inches or longer. However, since the release of her and Megan Thee Stallion's single "Bongos," she has been experimenting with a curly diva-era style. She has recently switched up her look again, showcasing XXL voluminous curls that evoke thoughts of Donna Summers in New York during the 1980s.

Tipping through her hometown New York, visiting Bravo Studios to ki with Andy Cohen, she was spotted in a mermaid teal dress that was set off beautifully with her extra-full coils. Her resident stylist, Toyko Stylez installed the unit from Hair So Fab — but what highlights the unit is the subtle layers that naturally work within the hair to give the body shape and contrast.

Cardi B XXL Curls Hair Wig Install Donna Summers New York Photos Instagram
Cardi B XXL Curls Hair Wig Install Donna Summers New York Photos Instagram

For the glam, makeup artist Erika La'Pearl beat Cardi's face out with Pat McGrath Labs products. La'Pearl opted for brown matte hues on the star's crease, topped with a shimmery gold shadow on the eyelids and inner corners. To not take away from the statement hue of the dress, she opted for a nude gloss on Cardi's lips.

The curls on Cardi really are a standout moment and we're loving this subtle homage to the queen of Disco, Donna Summers, who was known to rock fierce curls to no end. With Cardi setting the tone for the comeback of '80s curls, will the girlies follow suit? Only time and social media will tell.