Cardi B to become ballet dancer, stunt driver, and firefighter on new Facebook series

Sam Barsanti
·1 min read
Cardi B
Cardi B

An important lesson that more celebrities need to learn is that it’s a good idea to diversify your portfolio—so to speak. When George Clooney was named the world’s highest-paid actor in 2018, it wasn’t because he makes movies. At the time, he hadn’t even made a movie in two years. No, he was the highest-paid actor because he sold his tequila company for $1 billion. It’s probably not because of Clooney, but now Cardi B is looking to explore a new career, and she’s going to do it all on Facebook.

As reported by Deadline, Cardi B is going to be starring in Cardi Tries ____, a series built for the new “Watch Together” feature on Facebook’s Messenger app where you can watch stuff at the same time as your Facebook friends (and, ideally, talk about it while sharing your preferences for online shopping so Facebook gets a little something out of it). In the series, Cardi B will try out various new activities, like being “an expert stunt car racer, ballerina, firefighter, teacher,” and more, with various famous people showing up to help her on her way like Michelle Rodriguez, Debbie Allen, and Damian Lillard (he’s a basketball player, but you obviously knew that already, just like we definitely did). The first episode is available today, and future episodes will be released on Thursdays from now until February 4.

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