This car’s wheels are getting a much-needed glow up

Whether your car’s wheels need replacing or you want to trade them in for a flashy new set, you can switch out your wheels yourself. In this episode of ITK: Glow Up Garage, host Anatalia Villaranda (@anataliav) shows you how to do a new wheel glow-up. “Not only does this make a huge difference on your car, but it’s also a life hack to know how to put a new tire or wheel on your car,” Anatalia says.

Here’s how to replace your car’s wheels:


  • Impact gun

  • Torque wrench

  • 1/2-inch drive for impact gun

  • 1/2-inch drive for torque wrench

  • 19-millimeter socket


1. Before raising your car with a car lift or jack, loosen the car wheel’s lug nuts. Once you lift the car, remove the lug nuts using the impact gun, then take off the wheel.

Place the new wheel into the car, lining the holes up with the car’s bolts. Secure the wheel to the vehicle by hand-tightening the lug nuts removed from the original wheel. “Make sure you hand tighten them on first, or else you’re going to strip a bolt, and when you strip a bolt, you can’t use that bolt again. Not fun, not good to do,” Anatalia advises.

3. Once all of the lug nuts have been hand-tightened, use the impact gun to secure them. “Whenever we’re tightening lug nuts, we want to make sure we do it in a star pattern,” Anatalia says, demonstrating as she tightens a lug nut on the bottom side of the wheel, then one on the top, then another on the bottom, one on the left side and one on the right side — rather than going around in a circle.

Next, lower the car so its weight isn’t entirely on the floor and the car’s wheels are “kissing” the floor. Following the same star pattern as in step three, tighten the lug nuts using the torque wrench until each one clicks.

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