This Lightweight Captain Blankenship Moisturizer Doesn't Aggravate Acne-Prone Skin

Oh, Captain Blankenship. If I'm ever stuck on a desert island, I'd hope the skin-saving sailor would save me. That would be fitting, too, as the brand makes one of my all-time favorite products that I would indeed tote to a Castaway-esque living sitch: the Sailor Deep Blue Face Moisturizer ($20). And if you happen to be reading this on July 17, you can scoop up a bottle of this bad boy for $16 during Target's sneaky one-day mega sale. (Prime Day, you've got some competition.) I think I was first drawn to this moisturizer because it smells like a box of Froot Loops. (So if you've got a sensitive nose, you might want to stay away.) Since I'm prone to breakouts, I know there's a special kind of fear that comes with popping open a new moisturizer. There's always the chance the lotion will turn your skin's dry patches into blotchy pimples, but something is different about this lightweight cream. It sits well under makeup and doesn't slide around or make you look greasy - partly because of its soothing botanical ingredients, such as jojoba, pomegranate, calendula, carrot seed, aloe vera, and wild rose.

This counteracts nicely with my prescription-strength acne pads, which rub away my pimples but also dry out my skin. If you're someone who doesn't want to feel like you're wearing 500 pounds of product on a sweltering Summer day, you'll appreciate how easily this absorbs into your face. On top of everything else, it's packaged in a glass bottle. Klutz tendencies aside, that's great news for anyone who's bummed about the amount of plastic in our oceans.

If my NYC apartment's dingy bathtub weren't already home to an incredibly large water bug named Miso, I would use the Target sale as an opportunity to stock up on enough of this moisturizer that I could bathe in it. But since Miso's claimed her throne, I'll just stick to smearing it on my face.


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