Cape or tree skirt? Influencer shares hack for looking cute and festive without breaking the bank.

As holiday parties continue to occupy our social calendars, one influencer is sharing her hack for achieving a cute, festive look for less.

On Nov. 30, TikTok user Janey (@janeybonbon), a lifestyle creator in Los Angeles, shared the way she elevates her outfits during the holidays: She seeks out Christmas tree skirts from department stores and wears them as holiday capes. Doing this, she claims, is a much cheaper alternative to actually buying a cape.

“They literally range from $30 to $50, whereas if you got a designated cape it’d be over a hundred,” she says of tree skirts before revealing that HomeGoods also has “mini tree skirts” available. “I’m just gonna style it with an outfit. I can’t wait. … Look how fun this one is. A gorgeous, gorgeous cape for only $30.”

Janey shows off a few cape alternatives at HomeGoods, including a mini tree skirt with faux pearl detailing and embroidery. For her coquette girlies, she says, there’s a pale pink skirt with dainty bows and sparkly silver finishes.

“The Christmas tree skirt aisle is where it’s at,” Janey asserts.

Capes as a fashion statement

While the garment has been around since the 11th century, the cape’s timelessness can largely be attributed to its use during the Golden Age of Hollywood, per British Vogue. Princess Diana’s frequent use of capes throughout the ’80s further contributed to its continued popularity.

“In the world of couture, the cape element will never be outdated or out of style,” Lebanese American designer Rami Kadi previously told Vogue Arabia. “What I love about capes is that they always add a touch of royalty, flawlessness, and elegance to the designs.”

TikTok stylist Natalia Denise (@nataliadenise) took to the video-sharing platform on Nov. 15 to also make a case for capes as a highly versatile article of clothing that’s especially valuable during the colder months.

“The cool thing with capes is that they don’t have to follow a traditional silhouette, but it always brings this casual glamour to any look,” the Austin, Texas, creator explains. “And you can choose to go bold with bright colors and patterns or opt for something more neutral and toned-down.”

It appears Janey’s tree skirt hack hasn’t gone unnoticed on TikTok. In less than a week of posting, her video has received more than 2.3 million views and 151,200 likes. There are more than 800 comments too, many of which are from users who are curious to see the tree skirt styled.

“Tree skirt cape haul try on please!” @ella_likeitis wrote in response to Janey’s video.

“Need to see an example outfit,” @melistx93 also requested.

While Janey’s yet to post a video of herself wearing the mini tree skirt she recently purchased, a video on TikTok from last year shows her rocking a teal tree skirt out in the wild.

“It’s currently 30 degrees Fahrenheit here in Lake Arrowhead,” she says in the video from Dec. 16, 2022. “I’m wearing a cape and a skirt. It’s called layers, baby.”

Other creators have taken to TikTok to showcase how they’ve opted to style their tree skirts too.

“It’s either gonna be really ridiculous or really cute,” Kristine (@trendycurvy) says before trying on her rose gold sequined skirt-slash-cape. “I don’t know how I feel about it. I can’t really get over the fact that this is a tree skirt.”

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