You Can't Stay at the 'Murder at the End of the World' Hotel

a murder at the end of the world filming locations
Where ‘A Murder at the End of the World’ Is FilmedFX/Hulu
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Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij are the writing and directing duo behind the science fiction drama The OA, and their newest project is just as exciting as their previous one. A Murder at the End of the World just premiered on Hulu, and the psychological thriller and murder mystery was inspired by their interests in young female detectives.

The series—which was originally named Retreat—follows a group of nine guests that are invited by a mysterious billionaire to come on a retreat in a secret and remote location. Things seem to be going well at first, but soon, one of the guests is found dead. Darby Hart (Emma Corrin), one of the invited guests, is actually a famed amateur detective (and author), so she decides to use her sleuthing skills to prove that the death was actually a murder. Of course, it won’t be easy as she’s up against the interests of the other guests and their reclusive host, as well as the killer themselves.

“Metaphysics is something we really gravitate towards, Brit and I, in our storytelling,” Batmanglij told Vanity Fair. “We wanted to tell a metaphysical story with our hands tied behind our back, without any magic.”

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The location of the retreat is visually stunning, and viewers are wondering just where the show’s team went to get those shots of the icy topography, as well as the warm desert scenes of Darby’s past. Here’s what we know about the filming location of A Murder at the End of the World.

Where Was A Murder at the End of the World Filmed?

a murder at the end of the world filming locations

A Murder at the End of the World was filmed in three distinct locations: New Jersey, Utah, and Iceland. The series spent at least one day shooting in the town of Readington, NJ at the Readington River Buffalo Farm, and this now-archived site shows the call sheet for the film’s film day in Kearny. Actress Emma Corrin also confirmed that the team spent time in the three locations. “It was an amazing shoot. We went from Iceland to a studio in New Jersey, and then to Utah,” she told Vanity Fair.

In the show, the retreat takes place in Iceland, and you can see many iconic spots in the scenes, including the Múlagöng tunnel. As for the actual hotel that the retreat takes place in, it’s not a real place, but it’s allegedly based on the real-life Deplar Farm.

“We can’t build the whole hotel, there’s no money for that,” Marling told Variety. “So we’ll build half, dress it for half the show, and then flip it in it’s dressing—it’s the other half of the hotel. There are ways we could pull off something dazzling, but at a fair rate.”

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