Can't sleep? These expert approved products could help you rest easy

We all know how critical sleep is to our wellness, but still, 1 in 3 Americans struggle every single night according to the CDC. Anna De Souza spoke to the experts and narrowed down the most common sleep disruptors AND products that will help you rest easy.

Video Transcript

ANNA DE SOUZA: We all know how critical sleep is to our wellness. But still, one in three Americans struggle every single night, according to the CDC. We spoke to the experts and narrowed down the most common sleep disruptors, and the products that will help you rest easy.

Not only can light distract you from sleep. But some electronic devices emit wavelengths that prevent your natural melatonin from being secreted. So Glow To Sleep Therapy Mask by Sound Oasis lulls you to sleep with a light show that slows your brain's electrical activity, much like meditation or self-hypnosis. I've been using a light mask like this for years. And it's been a complete lifesaver for those nights that my husband reads late into the night.

It's not so much the noise itself, but the changes in frequency, that can keep startling you awake. Experts recommend a sound machine to help mask any extraneous noise. But you definitely want to avoid the sound of birds and frogs ebbing in and out. One fan favorite with over 12,000 positive reviews on Amazon is the Dome Classic. Its non-digital, non-looping, all natural, and offers two speeds so you can adjust tone and volume.

Are you constantly flipping your pillow over to the cool side? Well, you know what? Research shows that lower temperatures are key to achieving a good night's sleep. This Comfort Revolution pillow features premium memory foam that adapts to your head and your neck while the blue bubble gel layer keeps you cool the entire night.

Aromatherapy is scientifically-backed. So adding essential oils to your bedtime routine can help you drift off faster. The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has over 11,000 positive reviews and combines lavender, chamomile, and vetiver for a signature blend scientifically proven to help you fall asleep.

For those of us missing a big spoon snuggle, the Somnox Sleep Robot might be able to temporarily fill in. While holding the robot, you feel the rhythm that it produces. And you unconsciously begin to adapt your own breathing to it. Now, the slow-paced music encourages a meditative state. And this technology also detects your breathing and your motion to optimize your sleep, should you become restless overnight.

Experts also recommend avoiding stimulants like coffee, alcohol, and sweets in the evening, shutting off those electronics an hour before bed, and sticking to a regular sleep schedule, even on the weekends. A sleep journal can really help you narrow down your perfect routine. But for any specific issues like sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome, you should really consider seeing a sleep therapist.

Thanks for hanging out, guys. So what's been helping you get more shut-eye? Don't forget to tell us in the comments below.