What Should You Do If You Can't Find A Receipt Checker At Costco?

Costco employee checking member's receipt
Costco employee checking member's receipt - Bloomberg/Getty Images

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If you're a member of Costco, you know firsthand about the receipt check process as you leave the store. According to an FAQ page on the website, Costco employs a "standard practice at all our warehouse locations to verify purchase receipts when customers exit our buildings." In the event no receipt checker is available as you're leaving, Costco customer service encourages you to approach the membership desk and ask for someone to check your receipt before you go.

Whether your receipt is checked at the door or the membership desk, the staff member will be looking for specific information on that little slip of paper. All receipts feature a time-sensitive code, which proves that purchases were made on the current day. Receipt checkers will also note the item count to determine whether it matches what's inside your cart. The staff member may even look for special items, such as jewelry or bulk paper products, which are indicated on the receipt.

While most members don't have an issue with receipt checks, the prospect of waiting around for one can be a little irritating. However, following rules is key to keeping your membership in good standing.

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Do Members Really Have To Wait For A Receipt Checker?

crowd of shoppers at Costco
crowd of shoppers at Costco - Jeramey Lende/Shutterstock

While the policy at Costco requires all receipts to be checked, regardless of how many customers there are or whether a staff member is available at the moment, some people on Reddit had a hard time with the notion. A shopper relayed their experience, which involved a receipt checker leaving the exit door, and then chastising people for not waiting once they returned. One commenter replied, "There's zero chance I wait. How do I know how long she's gone for? I'm outta there."

Keep in mind that there's no legal requirement that you must show your receipt upon exiting a store, meaning that a customer won't face a severe punishment for failing to do so. However, at membership-based chains like Costco, there's a possibility that your membership will be canceled if you fail to follow the rules. As explained by a Costco fan on Reddit, "Note that at Costco you agree in writing to allow your receipt to be checked as part of the agreement you sign to get your membership." This claim is further supported by the Costco website, which states, "Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by Costco, including our privacy policies and practices."

Why Are Receipt Checks So Crucial At Costco?

hand holding receipt and costco membership card
hand holding receipt and costco membership card - dennizn/Shutterstock

There are a few vital reasons why Costco is so insistent about its receipt-checking process. Per the store website, receipt checks make certain that "items purchased have been correctly processed by our cashiers." Not only does that prevent members from potentially being overcharged, but it also helps the chain manage its inventory. However, there's another reason why receipt checks are such an integral part of the experience when shopping at the warehouse retail store.

Receipt checks also serve as an anti-theft deterrent. While it's not possible for staff members to rigorously compare receipts to the content of carts in an efficient manner, the idea that receipts are checked at all can stop shoplifters from trying to abscond with goods from the chain. Consider that the National Retail Federation reported that "retail shrinkage" (which includes shoplifting as well as internal theft and damage to goods) resulted in a deficit of almost $100 billion in 2021. Even major chains like Costco can experience ill effects due to shoplifting, which is why policies like receipt checks are enacted.

By adhering to the store's policies, Costco shoppers can enjoy the many benefits that come with membership. In this case, waiting a minute or two for a staff member is definitely worth it.

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