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Meditating while using candles
Meditating while using candles

Loved by many, candles are a vital asset in the decoration department. There's little they can't do in terms of livening up a room and creating a certain vibe. As a host, you have no excuse for not throwing lavish parties with a unique ambiance.

Whether you're having people over to just kick back, delight their taste buds, or celebrate something more formal like an anniversary or birthday party, any event benefits greatly from candles of all kinds: candlesticks, tea lights, and jarred glass. The right type of candle can transform any ordinary get-together into a magical moment for you and your guests. Not only will these products bring color to your room, but also unique scents are sure to elevate the experience of those around. We've reviewed some of the most satisfying and beautiful candles in 2022 to help lighten up your mood.

Top Picks

Clean Burn: Chesapeake Candle

The soft colored frosted jar candles allow the light of the flame to shine through when burning
The soft colored frosted jar candles allow the light of the flame to shine through when burning

You're near the end of your day but you don't want to phone it just yet. What's the solution? Light a candle.

Set the mood. Create a relaxing atmosphere and elevate your mind as well as senses. The Chesapeake Scented Candle evokes a fresh and clean scent, bringing a sense of zen and thoughtfulness to your workday.

Chesapeake Scented Candle is made with soy wax and crafted with a lead-free wick ­­— so you know you're getting a clean burn. A wood lid also comes provided for safely extinguishing the flame and helping to prevent hot wax from dripping onto surfaces. This mesmerizing candle delivers a clean and satisfying light for almost 50 hours, enough to shun your troubles away.

Lilac Scent: Yankee Candle

This scent takes you to an alluring grove filled with lavender, white, and deep purple lilacs
This scent takes you to an alluring grove filled with lavender, white, and deep purple lilacs

Inspired by a love of all things fresh from nature, this Yankee Candle features a mesmerizing scent embodying feelings and nostalgia for simpler times.

Step into a private heavenly garden with the enchanting smell of lilac and lavender. This warm, romantic scent will have you feeling like you've been transported to the countryside.

The floral bouquet is sure to ease your tension and stress. And this uplifting scent is perfect for any home, making it a beautiful gift for friends and family. Moreover, the quality paraffin wax blend has been specially formulated for a clean, precise, and consistent burn.

Lead-Free: Mrs. Meyer's Candle

This candle is made from plant-derived ingredients like soy wax and vegetable wax and other thoughtfully-chosen ingredients
This candle is made from plant-derived ingredients like soy wax and vegetable wax and other thoughtfully-chosen ingredients

Rejuvenate your home with a candle from Mrs. Meyer's Candle. Made with renewable soy wax, and no additives or dyes, this non-toxic candle offers a paradise-fresh fragrance.

Mrs. Meyer's Candle is made with essential oils and natural ingredients and the 100% lead-free wick ensures a long-lasting burn. This product can comfortably soothe your soul for nearly 35 hours.

Perfect for people with allergies to metals, this soy wax candle boasts a charming bouquet and is an excellent gift for anyone who loves the sweet, garden-fresh aroma of basil. In addition, this candle is an eco-friendly and cruelty-free product made from renewable ingredients.

Tropical Twist: Glade Candle

Artfully-crafted scent with fresh notes of monoi blossom, elderflower, and coconut milk
Artfully-crafted scent with fresh notes of monoi blossom, elderflower, and coconut milk

Experience the smell of island breezes with this unique candle by Glade. Take your relaxation to new heights with this tropical scented candle, allowing you to drift away to the calming aromas of blossom-infused coconut milk, soft florals, and a hint of white musk.

This candle air freshener instantly diffuses your favorite scent throughout your home. The Glade Candle starts showing its magic within seconds, no matter how big the room is. You can now fill your space with a warm tropical fragrance with an exotic twist on demand. Moreover, the presence of essential oils helps lighten your soul whenever you enjoy this vibrant, magical candle.

Sandalwood Touch: Benevolence Candle

Indulge your senses with a luxurious treat!
Indulge your senses with a luxurious treat!

Benevolence has developed this 100% pure essential oil-inspired candle for calming the mind and soothing both body and soul.

This natural sandalwood candle, purely derived from plants, boasts a therapeutic effect as well.

With blends of every possible essential oil, a pleasing combination of the purest ingredients, and other beautiful features like colored glass wicks for enhancing aroma, this candle is an enchantress in disguise. Light it up and release some of the most beautiful fragrances you can find.

A buying guide to the ultimate candles

Here's a little road map to guide you through the journey of buying the perfect candles.

What to remember when buying candles

Candles tend to turn an ordinary room into an aesthetically pleasing one. However, getting your hands on top-notch products is not always easy. You should always remember some essential factors when shopping for candles.

1. Wax quality

When looking at a candle, you should check out the wax temperature, thickness, and how fast a particular item burns. Thick wax, with low temperature, burns slower than thin wax with high temperature. Plus, a slow-burning candle should be your preference, a longer-lasting smaller item is better than a larger product that burns quickly. Some candles keep on burning even when the wick is broken.

2. Type of candle

Another essential point you should consider is what type of products you want to buy. If you’re purchasing container candles, you should look at the container size and weight when determining how long the candles will burn. If you want pillar candles, pay attention to the size and height of the candle. The diameter is also important, but it is not as crucial as the height.

3. Fragrance

If you are going to light a candle every day, or multiple times a day, you will need to buy scented candles. If you are looking for a strong fragrance, opt for a gel candle. Gel candles are made to burn slowly, promoting and enhancing the fragrance. If you intend on lighting candles only on special occasions, you can go with unscented candles.

4. Reliable wick

Last but not least, you really need to check the wick. Wicks can be made of cotton or synthetic fibers. Wicks made of cotton are more reliable than synthetic wicks, but the latter is more popular due to its cost-effectiveness.

What are the perks of using candles?

The benefits of using candles are enormous and well worth the investment.

Calming fragrances

Scented candles are a product that produces scented vapors from their core. These vapors are usually created by a mixture of essential oils, fragrance oils, and paraffin. This scent is traditionally used to calm the mind and promote relaxation and a sense of peace. Using a scented candle can help with focus and concentrating on tasks.

Studies have shown that the scents in a room can affect mood and the variety of thoughts provoked. They can also provide a great and lasting aroma. Would you like your room to smell vanilla and caramel, or would you prefer something more exotic, like coconut? With scented candles, you can choose and modify the scent of your room with ease.

Ambiance boosters

Moreover, candles naturally improve the ambiance of a house. Imagine your living room with a lovely smell and no noise; would that be inviting? Or your bedroom with a scent that you enjoy while reading a book? The magic of candles is providing added ambiance to pleasant moments shared with family and friends.


You can also use scented candles for aromatherapy. They can have a calming effect, helps reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and provide better sleep. Aromatherapy becomes more effective with scented candles. They are also crucial for your business, offering customers and clients pleasant smells and comfortable surroundings can put them at ease and make them more relaxed and amenable.

What are the main types of wax candles?

The most commonly available candles include the following types:

  • Soy Candles: Soy candles are made from soybean oil, the most environmentally friendly vegetable oil. It gives off a mild scent and is considered the most eco-friendly of the three. A soy candle will burn at lower temperatures than beeswax, meaning it will burn longer

  • Paraffin Wax: Paraffin wax is a petroleum product derived from crude oil. It is very flammable and melts at low temperatures, so it’s popular as candle wax

  • Beeswax: Beeswax is a natural wax made from the resin of bees. It is incredibly long-lasting with a pleasant scent. It is also biodegradable and natural. Beeswax candles produce less soot and smoke than paraffin candles. And they are generally considered healthier than paraffin candles

How to maintain candles?

A candle will not last as long without proper storage. Here are some valuable tips on making your candles survive longer:

  • First, keep your candles away from any heat sources. Heat can dry out the moisture-rich wax, causing candles to burn faster. This can also cause the candle to lose its scent. Make sure the candle is not in direct sunlight either, as sun exposure can cause candles to burn more rapidly

  • When storing your candle, make sure it is not in a moisture-rich area. If moisture is present, the wax may absorb some humidity, and lose its consistency

  • Make sure wicks are centered correctly

  • Always burn candles in a safe area and never leave a burning candle unattended

  • Keep wax pools free of debris. Clean off any dust that might form on the sides of the candle

People also asked

Q: Are all candles the same?

A: Newer products have come a long way from aromatherapy candles of the past. There are many types and varieties now because candles for the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen all have unique scents. For instance, candles for the bedroom are typically softer scents with less burning power due to the proximity of the candle to the bed. Candles for the bathroom, however, are much more potent, with a wide range of scents and unique aromas.

Q: What is the estimated shelf life of a candle?

A: Candle artisans and production companies have compiled specific information regarding the estimated shelf life of a given product. However, there is no standard guideline. Estimated shelf life depends on what kind of candle is involved. The most common candle designs are tapers, votives, and jar candles. Each style has a different manufacturing process, and as a result, has varying shelf lives. For example, tapers have an estimated shelf life of six to nine months, votives of six to nine months, and jar candles of four to six months.

Q: Do candles have expiration dates?

A: Yes, all candles have expiration dates. The ones you buy in stores are made occasionally, so they have a shorter shelf life and an expiration date printed on the packaging. The ones you make yourself using beeswax have the longest shelf life. They only need a certain amount of time to cool, and then you can store them in any cool, dry place for months.