Candace Cameron Bure Says Reuniting With ‘Full House’ Cast ‘Helps the Healing’ After Bob Saget’s Death

Photo credit: Paul Archuleta - Getty Images
Photo credit: Paul Archuleta - Getty Images

Candace Cameron Bure is still grieving the loss of Bob Saget, but that doesn’t mean it’s all tears. The 45-year-old star posted a laughing, smiling Instagram Live with some of her Fuller House costars, affectionately known as the #fullerfamily while venturing to 90’s Con—a convention dedicated to 1990s shows and stars—in Hartford, CT. Along for the road trip, was Scott Weinger (Bure’s on-screen boyfriend) and Andrea Barber (Bure’s on-screen best friend).

During the Instagram Live Bure, Weinger, and Barber took the opportunity to discuss Saget and his passing while fans expressed their condolences for the late Full House patriarch.

“We think about him all the time…we talk about him all the time,” Weinger noted. Barber remarked on the “healing” nature of the trip: “Just to be together, it’s the best therapy,” as Weinger and Bure agreed.

Bure went on to say that being together “helps the healing and the grief,” and that was a “big reason” they all agreed to the trip. The crew hadn’t all been together in quite some time, Bure noted—the last time was on Fuller House which concluded right before the pandemic. That’s why the road trip featured “no playlist,” Bure said, because “as much as we’re excited to be at 90s Con and be with all of you, we were really excited to just be with each other.”

Later on in the weekend, Bure posted an Instagram photo with her fellow road trippers as well as Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Joey. She captioned the photo: “words can’t describe being with this bunch at 90s Con,” complete with heart emojis to go along with the smiling shot.

The 30 minute Instagram Live which the group dubbed “Candace’s Live Car Chronicles,” had fans sending their love to the carpool crew as they traveled to the convention and shared funny, nostalgic memories along the way.

One detail of note was Bure and Barber’s matching Bob sweatshirts, which Bure said was “just another way we could honor Bob.” She wore a sweatshirt designed by John Mayer, J. Dean, and Maggie Enterrios, while Barber wore a sweatshirt designed by Bure.

The sweatshirts are still for sale if you, too, want to honor Sagett and be a part of the #fullerfamily. All of the proceeds from sweatshirt sales support the Scleroderma Research Foundation, which was important to Saget following the passing of his sister who lost her life to the disease.

Since Saget’s death Bure has been open about her grief surrounding the tragic loss. She shared a tear-jerking Instagram tribute soon after Saget’s passing featuring a nostalgic, smiley photo of the co-stars and friends, and a lengthy, heartfelt caption. “I’m not saying goodbye because you’ll never leave my heart,” Bure wrote, “even with this gigantic tear in it.”

Bure also opened up in February about the loss as she shared the last texts she received from Saget following a small “tiff” the pair had gotten into. While the particulars of the disagreement are unknown, Bure did share that the two still expressed their love and appreciation for one another. She admitted a fear of one day accidentally deleting those texts “because I don’t ever want to lose this.”

It was heartwarming to see the trio laughing and smiling as they celebrated the memory of Saget. As Bure’s Instagram Live video concluded, the group had one more laugh to share with the audience: “Full Car, signing out,” Bure exclaimed. “This has been a D.J., Steve, and Kimmy production!”

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