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Wednesday 23, September

Mercury and Saturn are squaring off today and this aspect can bring a fair degree of tension to your relationships and family affairs, Cancer. You might feel like someone you love is trying to control you in some way, but the way through it is simply honest communication - it's likely just a misunderstanding.

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Tuesday 22, September

The Sun moves into Libra for the Fall Equinox today, so summer is officially over and your house of home and family for the next four weeks. This is in many ways your favourite season of all - a direct excuse from the cosmos to get cosy and refuse to leave the house. Tend to your immediate surroundings like the domestic goddess you are.

Monday 21, September

Mercury and Pluto clash early this morning, and it can bring a harsh, unrelenting sensation to the beginning of your day. Your family life and relationships are in the crosshairs, but the good news is that these intense aspect fades as the day goes on, and by later this afternoon you should start to feel markedly better.

Sunday 20, September

The Moon is in Scorpio, your sister water sign, for the next few days. This puts you back in your element after a few bumpy, challenging days. Prioritize pleasure, romance and creativity as your house of love is lit up and sweetness rules every minute and hour of the day.

Saturday 19, September

This is one of those days when it might feel like everyone and everything is against you, Cancer - but it's not, it's just a quickly passing phase. The Moon is squaring you and Pluto, Saturn and Mars will all argue with the lunar energy early this Saturday. Just don't push anyone - and don't push yourself most of all. Relax and chill, and by evening you'll likely be in a much better mood.

Friday 18, September

Now that the official lunation has passed as of yesterday, the New Moon in Virgo can begin to work its concrete magic for you. But if you got caught up in your life yesterday and didn't get a chance to put your intentions in writing, the energetic window remains open. Get to it today, Cancer - what is your main message for the next six months?

Thursday 17, September

Today's New Moon in Virgo unveils some unexpected opportunities in your house of talking and thinking, Cancer. This is your best moment of the year to get your message out, or at least to set powerful intentions for communication during the next six months. Whether it's a writing project, a new podcast, or just a promise to keep a daily journaling practice, it's all about expressing yourself with words.

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