How to Cancel Hulu on Roku

Cancel Hulu on your Roku device, the Roku website, or Hulu's website depending on how you subscribed

What to Know

  • On Roku: Highlight Hulu, press the star (*) button, and select Manage subscription > Cancel subscription.

  • Or, go to your Roku account page, select Manage your subscriptions, and select Cancel next to Hulu.

  • If you didn't sign up through your Roku account, then you must use another method to cancel Hulu.

This article explains how to cancel Hulu on a Roku. The instructions apply to all Roku smart TVs and streaming players.

How to Cancel Hulu on a Roku

If you subscribed to Hulu on your Roku device through your Roku account, follow these steps to cancel:

From the Home screen, highlight the Hulu app and press the star (*) button on your remote.

Select Manage subscription.

Select Cancel subscription.

You'll have the option to keep your account active until the end of the billing cycle. Hulu won't give you a refund, so you might as well keep it until your subscription ends.

How to Cancel Hulu on the Roku Website

If you signed up through Roku, you can also cancel Hulu from the Roku website.

Go to your Roku account page and sign in.

Select Manage your subscriptions.

Select Unsubscribe next to Hulu.


If you don't see Hulu in your subscriptions list, you are not subscribed through your Roku account.

Other Ways to Cancel Hulu

Your options for canceling Hulu depend on how you subscribed. If you didn't sign up through your Roku account, then you must use one of the other ways to cancel Hulu.

For example, if you have a subscription through your cable or phone provider, you must cancel through them. If you subscribed through your Google account, you'll have to unsubscribe from the Android app.

If you bundle Hulu with Disney Plus and you are billed through Disney, you'll have to cancel your Disney Plus account to cancel Hulu.

How to Cancel on the Hulu Website

If you subscribed through the Hulu website, you can cancel on your account page.

Go to Hulu's site and log in to your account. In the upper-right corner, select your Profile icon (the first letter of your name), then select Account.

Scroll down to Cancel Your Subscription and select Cancel.


To cancel add-ons like Max (formerly HBO Max) or Showtime, select Manage Add-ons in the Your Subscriptions section.

Select Continue to cancel. Hulu usually tries to get you to stay with special promotions, so you might have to select Continue to cancel a few times.


If you prefer, Hulu will give you the option to pause your account if you want to reactivate it later on.

Choose a reason why you want to cancel and select Cancel Subscription. You can keep watching Hulu until the end of your billing cycle. After that, you'll lose access to Hulu on your Roku.

How to Remove Hulu From a Roku

After you cancel, you might as well remove the Hulu app from your home screen:

From the Home screen, highlight the Hulu app and press the star (*) button on your remote.

Select Remove Channel.

Select Remove.


If you decide to reactivate Hulu, you can always add the channel to your Roku again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Hulu?

Hulu has two owners. Disney owns two-thirds of the shares, and NBCUniversal owns the rest.

Why does Hulu have ads?

Any streaming service has ads for a couple of reasons. Some programming on Hulu has ads due to different agreements that secured the streaming rights. For example, Hulu might agree to share ad revenue with the creator of a series, and the deal requires that the show always runs with ads regardless of subscription plan. Hulu's Live TV and Cloud DVR features also include ad breaks. As for why the ads are there at all, the simple answers are that hosting streaming services with so much programming is expensive, and ads also help companies offer cheaper, more competitive subscription tiers that the extra revenue can help subsidize.