Canadian living overseas lists her dating 'icks' with Australian men: 'Was preparing to be mad but I really agree'

Every country has its downsides, including the land down under.

TikToker @ioanaonthecoast, a Canadian living in Australia, lovingly did a round-up of the “random aussie things” she can’t stand. Surprisingly, she wasn’t alone.

One of her biggest icks was “grown men wearing thongs in a restaurant.” She isn’t referring to the underwear — although that’d be a pretty interesting Aussie tradition.

Thongs are what Americans call flip-flop sandals. So when it comes to seeing men’s toes next to her dinner, it’s a no. She also wasn’t a fan of mullets or R.M. Williams boots.

Bindis, an invasive plant species, and chocolate candy Cherry Ripes also inspired disdain in her. But perhaps the thing that most folks could agree on was a bizarre light sign on the M1 towards the Gold Coast.

“Why does it exist?” she said.

The $2 million taxpayer-funded sign has been called a “monstrosity” for its confusing (and expensive) design.

“I’ve lived in Australia for 30 out of 30 years and well…same,” a user said.

“The sign is one of the worst pieces of design implementation in history,” another commented.

“As an Aussie, I wholeheartedly agree. – ESPECIALLY the cherry ripe,” someone wrote.

“What about fancy thongs? If they’re good enough for a wedding surely they’re good enough for a restaurant?” a person added.

“Was preparing to be mad but I really agree with all of the above,” a TikToker replied.

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