Fans are torn over 'Roseanne's' pro-Trump stance

Tonight is the big night America has been waiting for! After 21 years, Roseanne is returning to the small screen — and in a way, we can all thank President Donald Trump for the reboot.

Roseanne Barr has been a fixture in pop culture for decades, but has largely stayed out of the spotlight since Roseanne ended its nine-season run in in 1997. That all changed during the 2016 presidential election, when Barr came out in support of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I think we would be so lucky if Trump won,” she told the Hollywood Reporter several months before the election. “Because then it wouldn’t be Hillary.”

Since those initial viral comments, Barr has gone on to praise and defend Trump continuously, including this week, while promoting the upcoming Roseanne premiere with John Goodman on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After arguing with Kimmel about the president’s controversial administration, Barr said, “No matter who we voted for, we don’t want to see our president fail.”

Considering Barr’s personal political beliefs, there was little surprise when news broke that some of the iconic Conner family on the show will be portrayed as Trump supporters. “It’s just realistic,” the 65-year-old actress said during the Television Critics Association press tour in January. “It was working-class people who elected Trump.”

Pew Research from the 2016 presidential election suggests that Barr is correct and that Trump was victorious over Hillary Clinton among America’s middle class, specifically with white working-class voters, the Conner family’s demographic.

Many fans are torn. Some are delighted to see their beliefs in a prime-time television series; others are put off by the politics.

The ratings will soon tell what fans really think of the show, although Yahoo’s own Ken Tucker found the Roseanne reboot funny, notwithstanding its pro-Trump platform. One person who’s hoping the revival goes well is the star herself. “We all want to definitely [do more seasons],” Barr said at a Paley Center panel in New York this week. “We had such a blast. And it was just so fun to be together again.”

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