Campers find lost phone and help solve missing persons case

While exploring a field of flowers, a group of campers stumbled upon a phone that belonged to a missing person. The campers — Dana Pace, his daughter Adaline and two of her friends — were on a 10-day camping trip in Montana back in July when they found the phone. Since the phone was unlocked, Pace was able to respond to the most recent text message on it and give them his phone number. Twenty minutes after sending the text, Pace received a call from the person he texted, who was the phone owner’s sister. the missing man’s sister told him that her brother had been attacked in Great Falls, Montana. Pace gave police officers the exact latitude/longitude coordinates of where the phone was found. About a week later, Pace got a text from the sister informing them that her brother had been found. "We would not have known which steps to take or any direction to find him had it not been for you" she said. Pace was beyond thrilled to hear that the man had been found alive. "This is absolutely the best ending to our trip," he told the sister