Campbells Presents: Soup Roulette

Thrillist has a knack for throwing crazy food-focused events. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Campbell's® to host a competition that’s part game show, part cooking show, and part tribute to the humble MVP of our pantries: soup. We've tapped acclaimed chefs Nyesha Arrington and Brian Malarkey, who are well known for being extraordinaires in the kitchen, and now they’ve come to face off in a head-to-head challenge. The two will use beloved Campbell's soups to craft meals that showcase their culinary talents and the versatility of soup. This video "Campbells Presents: Soup Roulette", first appeared on

Video Transcript

LAUREN LAPKUS: Welcome to Soup Roulette, the very stressful cooking competition show presented by Thrillist and Campbell's that asks the question, what if you had to create the perfect meal with only the delicious flavors of Campbell's soup and ingredients that start with just one letter of the alphabet? That's right. Only one letter.

On Soup Roulette, two professional chefs battle it out in the Thrillist kitchen to see who will become Soup Champion of the World. So unholster those can openers and practice your ABCs, because it's time to play Soup Roulette.

Hello, I'm Lauren Lapkus. Your lovable, approachable, and soup-obsessed host for the evening. Now, I've been eating soup since I was a little girl and I have the naturally gourmet taste of an aristocrat, so needless to say, I'm very qualified for this job. I'm Tom Colicchio with luscious hair. I'm Gordon Ramsay if Gordon Ramsay was adorable. I'm the Mary Berry of soup and I'm not going to apologize for that. But enough about me. Shall we meet our chef contestants?

First up, we have Nyesha Arrington. An unmatched wizard of culinary invention. You've seen her on "Top Chef." She's opened two award-winning restaurants in Los Angeles and cooked in Michelin star kitchens. Welcome, chef.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Thank you for having me.

LAUREN LAPKUS: So excited you're here.


LAUREN LAPKUS: So tell me, Nyesha. Do you think my dad prefers to cook with Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup or Cream of Mushroom Soup?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Hmm. I think your dad likes to cook with Cream of Chicken soup?

LAUREN LAPKUS: Wrong! It's Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. Hi, dad.

Battling it out with Nyesha is a most formidable opponent, indeed. Brian Malarkey. Now you've seen Brian on "Top Chef," too, and "Guy's Grocery Games," "The Today Show," "The Taste," "GMA." Pretty much everywhere but on Thrillist, which we resent. But we've got you now, Malarkey. Malarkey is also a veteran chef who's created over 15 incredible restaurant concepts. Malarkey, what is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

BRIAN MALARKEY: I'm going to go with an M for Malarkey, or a B for Brian.



LAUREN LAPKUS: Focused on the self.


LAUREN LAPKUS: What about Campbell's? C.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Campbell's. S. Soup. There you go. Those are the letters we care about today.

Let's hear the rules of Soup Roulette, shall we? OK, you start by choosing a delicious can of Campbell's soup. Then you spin the magic alphabet wheel and you get your fated letter. Now, you can only use ingredients that you find in the Thrillist pantry that start with that letter. Any questions?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Uh, is there a chance I can buy a vowel?

LAUREN LAPKUS: That's the wrong wheel game. OK? Look around. Don't worry. I'm not a complete monster. There's a basket of essentials at your station that you can use. And it's pretty much just salt and pepper and stuff, but you're probably going to want that.

And because this game seems incredibly hard and I really hate being mean to people, if you use a double letter item in your dish like black beans or pickled peppers, I'll give you a bonus spin to earn one new ingredient with a new letter.


LAUREN LAPKUS: You get all that?


LAUREN LAPKUS: Good, because I'm sick of talking. Let the Soup Roulette begin. For our audience at home, our two chefs already have their Campbell's soup of choice ready.

Chef Malarkey, what did you pick?

BRIAN MALARKEY: I picked the mighty Campbell's Tomato Soup.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Mmm. Excellent choice. And Chef Nyesha, what soup will you be using to destroy your opponent?

BRIAN MALARKEY: There's no-- no one's destroying me today. What are you--

LAUREN LAPKUS: Shh! The ladies are speaking.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Well, I have chose the Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup!

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, wow. Terrific. And now chefs, it's the moment you've been waiting for. It's time to pick the letter that will make you or break you. Behold, the pantry.


OK, Chef Nyesha. Ladies first.


LAUREN LAPKUS: And let's hope it's not X. K? Because as far as I know, words that begin with the letter X are a myth. You ready?


LAUREN LAPKUS: OK, let's do this.




LAUREN LAPKUS: P! P is a good letter. You feel good?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I feel good. I feel good about P.

LAUREN LAPKUS: There's a lot of good P stuff. Yeah.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: There's plenty of P things.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Whew! All right, Malarkey, you're up next. Let's do this.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Give me a whammy! B!

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh! B! You did say that was your favorite letter.

All right, chefs. Put 30 minutes on the clock and let's get boiling. On your mark, get set, soup!


BRIAN MALARKEY: Yes, yes, yes.


BRIAN MALARKEY: B, B, B. Bread, bread, bay, bay leaves.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Parsley. A little parsley.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: Parmesan, polenta, peas, parsley.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Bay leaves. Brie. Blue cheese. Baby. Baby spinach.



LAUREN LAPKUS: OK. Yes. Baby spinach, yes. Zucchini, no.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Yes, yes, yes. OK. Basil, basil, basil. Brie, Brie.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: OK. Precooked polenta.

LAUREN LAPKUS: That's a double P. You get to spin again.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I got another letter. [LAUGHS]

LAUREN LAPKUS: You got an extra letter.


LAUREN LAPKUS: All right, let's do this.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Let's do this.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Get your buzzer hand ready.




LAUREN LAPKUS: H! What are you going to get?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I'm going to get the basket of herbs.

LAUREN LAPKUS: It's pronounced "Herbs." [LAUGHS]

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BRIAN MALARKEY: Bird breast. Is that a double B?

LAUREN LAPKUS: Not bird breast. No, you're getting crazy.

BRIAN MALARKEY: I'm trying. I'm trying.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I see these peas, right? Making sure I use the P words.

BRIAN MALARKEY: I really think P was much better than my B. I would change a P for a B any time.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Nyesha, how old were you when you got into cooking?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Oh my gosh. I've been cooking all of my life. You know, I was my grandmother's sous chef because she put my butt in the kitchen at, like, five years old. So she'd have me blanching and learning about fermentation and all kinds of fun stuff. So I've pretty much been cooking all of my life.



LAUREN LAPKUS: I don't even know what polenta is.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Bacon. Bacon wins everything. All right. I know this.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Brian, what's your inspiration behind your meal here?

BRIAN MALARKEY: Uh, kind of don't really know what it is quite yet. So I don't know-- it's still coming to me. I'm putting my Bs together. I'm still processing Bs. I'm a busy bee right now.




NYESHA ARRINGTON: Yeah, well. I'm using my bicep for the pepper.

LAUREN LAPKUS: And is that known as like a pepper grinding utensil typically?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Yeah, so what I want to do is create some-- kind of break down the pepper, right? Because I'm going to go with this, sort of, peppered pork. But I don't want the pepper to be too pungent.

LAUREN LAPKUS: So you've got to smash it with a pan.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: Oh my god, I love cooking so much.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Brian, what just went inside that chicken?

BRIAN MALARKEY: Uh, I'm kind of going with an old classic. Kind of that Le Cordon Bleu-ish kind of thing. We're going to stuff it with some bacon, some spinach, and some Brie cheese.


BRIAN MALARKEY: And it's going to go along with that Campbell's Tomato Soup that's already got a great base to it. Yeah there's a B in base. And so I just will have to add a little bit of extra flavor to that with some bay leaf--



LAUREN LAPKUS: And Nyesha, tell me about this pork standing on its side situation.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Oh my gosh. Great question. So the thing about animal proteins is I like to cook them in their own fats. So what I do is I render the fat out of the pork so it's going to cook in its own porkiness. So it'll be like triple P.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: Pork and pork fat.

LAUREN LAPKUS: She might just get another spin. She said triple P.

BRIAN MALARKEY: That was a triple P? Oh, no. Oh, no.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Get some onion for my freebie ingredient.

LAUREN LAPKUS: I'm really impressed by how fast everyone's moving. I feel like when I follow a recipe it tells me it's going to take five minutes to get everything ready and I just spend forever cutting things very, very slowly because I'm afraid.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Yeah. I mean, inside my mind's moving a million miles an hour. But outside, it's like-- you have to create the roadmap to get to the destination. You know?

LAUREN LAPKUS: OK, so Nyesha, this looks like a good date night meal for me.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Like two nice big old pork chops cooking on the side.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Totes. No, this is a great date night meal because you can have a lot of things going at once, right? The key with this is not burning the pepper. That's going to be very, very important. Right? So you want to just toast it just-- just a little bit.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, I like that move with the tongs. I just learned something.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: So pork's going down. A little bit of butter. A lot of butter.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: That's going to give lots of color. Lots of flavor. And always thinking about what takes the longest, right?

LAUREN LAPKUS: Brian, do you tend to think about scheduling what you're cooking? Like, do the thing that takes the longest first. Get it going?

BRIAN MALARKEY: Yes, for sure. So I already have my chicken getting a little bit going right now. I'm going to get them-- so I guarantee that I get them done. Chicken's a little longer. So I just want to make sure I get a nice crispy skin on that. I originally was going to wrap it with bacon, but I switched up my game plan. I'm going to make a kind of a bacon breadcrumb.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: Bacon breadcrumb, yum.

BRIAN MALARKEY: There we go, there we go. We'll toast these up with some bacon fat.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Love that for you.

BRIAN MALARKEY: 30 minutes always goes faster than you think.

LAUREN LAPKUS: OK, so Nyesha, will you tell me how the soup is going to work with this dish?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: The Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup, it's pretty much ready to go. It's almost like a sauce base in itself and brings a ton of viscosity and flavor to this. So I really just want to fold in that soup base with some delicious aromatics that I already have roasting.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Mmm. Brilliant. And Chef Brian, can you tell me about your tomato soup and how that's going to play in?

BRIAN MALARKEY: Um, so what I love about the Campbell's Tomato Soup is it's already got so much personality and got so many characteristics going on, I can really just add a little bit of nuances. So I've got some onions, some bay leaves. Onions were in the pantry that you gave me. So thank you so much for that.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Sounds good, chef.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Sounds amazing, right?

LAUREN LAPKUS: Look how nicely they're getting along and they're competing.



BRIAN MALARKEY: 17 minutes. I love it!


BRIAN MALARKEY: Almost halfway.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: It goes by quick.

LAUREN LAPKUS: I have to say it smells very good in here.


BRIAN MALARKEY: Perfect. Perfect. Chicken's looking great.


BRIAN MALARKEY: Stuffed with the Brie.

LAUREN LAPKUS: I'm just going to peek inside your pot here.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Welcome. Welcome to my brain.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Looks good.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: So I want to get this creamy texture on the peas, but still a little bit rustic crunchiness to it.

LAUREN LAPKUS: So what is that tool? Educate me.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: This tool is an immersion blender, so it takes ingredients, smaller batches of things, and breaks it down. So I'm looking to get some beautiful color and texture on these peas that is going to be amazing.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Great sound effect, too. Remind me of "Gremlins."


BRIAN MALARKEY: All right. Now I'm going to toast--

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, that looks good!

BRIAN MALARKEY: Some bread crumbs in my bacon fat.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I mean, I feel like we eat with our eyes first, so I really love adding this brightness to something that's like-- you know, a Cream of Chicken soup is a great base, but how am I elevating it? Right?

LAUREN LAPKUS: OK, Chef Nyesha--


LAUREN LAPKUS: How are you planning to incorporate this polenta?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I'm actually going to make polenta fries. That precooked polenta, it's already-- half the work's done for me. So I really want to elevate it and bring some textural notes to this dish. I mean, I'm a big fry person. I love to eat fries.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: And so I feel like that's going to give that crispiness that I want, but then it'll be soft inside because it's already super viscous or creamy inside.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: And then I'm going to use these pears, gorgeous pears, and just put a little bit of charriness on them. Grill just a touch. And that should add a nice roundness and sweetness to the pork. I mean, pork loves fruit. So that'll be really lovely.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Pork loves fruit.


LAUREN LAPKUS: That's cute.


BRIAN MALARKEY: Pork loves fruit. Pork does. Pork loves pears and apples.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Now, do either of you make people call you Chef when you are just hanging out at home?

BRIAN MALARKEY: At home? I don't even make them call me Chef at work. [LAUGHS]

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Oh my god, I have to be honest. I went on this date and this gentleman kept calling me Chef. And I was like, I'm not mad at it. [LAUGHS] I wasn't mad at it.

LAUREN LAPKUS: I like the power play.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Yeah, it was funny. But we were at a restaurant and then the server came over and was like, hello, Chef. And he's like, I don't feel special anymore calling you Chef.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Yeah, now everyone's calling you Chef.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Yeah, it was funny.

LAUREN LAPKUS: That's cute. OK, Brian. Can you tell me when this meal might come in handy? Like what's the perfect place and time to make this?

BRIAN MALARKEY: This is actually a meal that my kids would love. I keep it simple at home with the kids. We love the Campbell's Tomato Soup with a toasted cheese sandwich, all the time, in the afternoon. But right here, really putting into a dinner plan where you're doing the roasted chicken, which is very kid-friendly. I have three kids, so they love this. And the tomato, chicken, the broccoli combination is going to be phenomenal.

LAUREN LAPKUS: I like the look of that bacon over there.


BRIAN MALARKEY: Hello, nice to see you. How's it going? Everything good?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Living the dream, man, living the dream.

LAUREN LAPKUS: I really like how happy the environment is here. Everyone's getting along. Any tips for cooking bacon, like perfectly?

BRIAN MALARKEY: A sheet tray bacon's always amazing. Something we've been doing restaurants for years. Where you just take the whole package and lay it out and bake it flat. It just works out so nice. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Oh, watch this. Watch this. Here we go.

LAUREN LAPKUS: OK, what's going to happen? Oh! I'm now learning how to use all these things that I have sitting in my kitchen just from watching you guys.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I'm just going to add a little bit of that porky fat to my peas, so that there's some congruentness throughout all of the flavors.


NYESHA ARRINGTON: Congruentness. Nothing goes to waste.

BRIAN MALARKEY: See, one of the best things about these cooking competitions is that you don't have to do the dishes. You can really kind of just--

LAUREN LAPKUS: Yeah, I have to stay here and do them, they said. Feels weird.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, it smells so good in here. I want it to be a perfume. Bacon, Brie, peas. Five minutes left.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Tensions are high.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: How are you doing, little babies?

LAUREN LAPKUS: Now am I the only one who thought those were the fries? Oh, that looks beautiful. Wait, show them that! That's so professional. [LAUGHS]

NYESHA ARRINGTON: It's like I've done this before.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh my god. I love this.


LAUREN LAPKUS: I think you would have fun watching me cook.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Oh, I bet. [LAUGHS] I can certainly speed up the process by applying pressure.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Now is that something you would do in a normal situation, or is it the high pressure?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: 1000% Well, I mean I'm really feeling stressed out right now. So I really want to get these pears going like as fast as possible.

LAUREN LAPKUS: OK, so you can just put another pan on top of a pan.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Are you saying those pears haven't cooked enough?

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Well, the thing is, Chef Brian Malarkey, my pears are ready for the party. So--

BRIAN MALARKEY: Oh, you're saying your pears are perfect.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I want to just put them under pressure.

BRIAN MALARKEY: OK, here we go.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Brian, how's it going over there? What's going on?

BRIAN MALARKEY: We just fried up some basil leaves because there's a B in "bozzle."

LAUREN LAPKUS: Wow. All right, basil.

BRIAN MALARKEY: "Bozzle." So we're going to brighten it all up with that because what loves Campbell's Tomato Soup but basil? All right.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Thought you were going to say me.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Oh, and you. [LAUGHS] Take some "bozzle" with the broccolini, the bacon, the breadcrumbs.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, wow. I want to see what's going on in this bowl.


BRIAN MALARKEY: Get the lemon zest in there.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, that looks good.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Get a little lemon juice to brighten it all up. You know, the Campbell's Tomato Soup has a lot of great acid, but I really want to brighten it up because the Brie cheese and the bacon are really heavy and the chicken. So we're going to lift all that up with a nice acid touch. Look at this. Huh?

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, wow. OK, it's starting to come together here.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Come together.

LAUREN LAPKUS: That's gorgeous.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Gorge! Like you. Do I get bonus points?

LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, god. Yes. Yes, you do. [LAUGHS]

BRIAN MALARKEY: Hey, easy on that over there.

LAUREN LAPKUS: That really works for me. [LAUGHS]

BRIAN MALARKEY: Feeling kind of left out right now, OK?

LAUREN LAPKUS: I know you're mesmerized by the action, but don't forget that you can be a Soup Roulette winner, too, when you enter to win a boxed giveaway prize package to give your kitchen the ultimate glow-up. Just click the link in the description now to enter. You deserve it. You!

Oh, I'm seeing some beautiful plating techniques from Chef Brian. Chef Nyesha's sounding satisfied with what she's making right now.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I'm very happy with this. Oh, yeah. Let's go.

LAUREN LAPKUS: I am truly blown away by what has been created here today. This is amazing. There are the fries. Yummy!

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Yas! Little haystack action.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Another crosshatch coming in. There's a theme. Pork loves fruit. Something I learned today. [LAUGHS]

BRIAN MALARKEY: Oh, that looks beautiful.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Get the juices.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Got to get the juices. That's all those pan juices.

LAUREN LAPKUS: OK, guys. Five seconds left. Five, four, three, two, one! Ladles down. You did it!


LAUREN LAPKUS: Oh, yay. I'm hungry.

Chefs, today I'll be judging your dishes on creativity of incorporating your Campbell's Soup, presentation, and of course, taste. Chef Nyesha, tell us what you've prepared today.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: I would love to, thank you, Lauren. What I have prepared for you today is a peppered pork chop with creamed peas, grilled pears, and Parmesan polenta fries. I actually use the Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup base for this beautiful, vibrant smashy pea situation.

So took those peas, incorporated the delicious soup as a base, and then folded in some fresh peas at the end. So you should get some nice, fun textures in there. As well as I took that precooked polenta and I cut them to mimic fries to add texture. I love texture. So you have soft, crunchy, and then you have some freshness and brightness from these delicious, beautiful grilled pears.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Mmm! OK, Chef Brian, what have we got here?

BRIAN MALARKEY: I made a stuffed chicken breast. Stuffed with Brie. I oven-roasted it, and then I braised it. And its topped with some broccolini, some bacon, some blue cheese, some "bozzle." And I used the Campbell's Tomato Soup as the braising liquid to cook the chicken, to keep it really nice and moist because the breast gets a little dried out.

And it's just got so many great flavors already built into it, I just added a little peppercorn, a little bay leaf to it and it's just going to do all of the work itself. Should be absolutely phenomenal and something I would feed my family on any given night.

LAUREN LAPKUS: Whew! I'm impressed. Now I've got to try them. OK. Get some of that pear in there.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Mmm. Mmm. It's really good. It's very good.


LAUREN LAPKUS: That's a genuine reaction. That is-- mmm. What can I say? And I'm going to have a little more, because you know, I feel like you've got to combine the flavors a little bit.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Mm-hmm. Mmm. The pork is so juicy. The polenta was so good. Remember I confessed, I didn't really know what polenta was, I really like it. So that was great. And I was a little bit afraid of the peas, because I'm not really a pea person in my life, but I went back for seconds on the peas. I think that Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup really made them into a really nice flavor. That was delicious. And the pears. Pork loves pears, OK? I know this now.

Your presentation is gorgeous. Vibrant colors. The combination of everything is so good, and I mean, I just feel like I'm very surprised by how well these pears go with the pork, which goes with the polenta, which goes with the peas, and the Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup. It's just a very creative plate here. And it's delicious.

OK, Brian. Your turn.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Here we go. Oh. Oh my goodness. I feel spoiled right now. Mmm, mmm.

BRIAN MALARKEY: Mmm. Did you get some of the cheese?

LAUREN LAPKUS: I got some. Got some bacon in there, too. Let me get some-- let me get a little more just so I can really understand what's happening here. I want to get a good bite. Mmm. That's really good. It's delicious!


LAUREN LAPKUS: You can tell the taste is good because I keep eating more of it. And I can't stop. The presentation was really beautiful until I cut into it and ruined it. And you did such an amazing job using this Campbell's Tomato Soup as your base here. It really brightened up the plate and also just made the chicken a really unique flavor. I just thought it was delicious and fresh.


LAUREN LAPKUS: Truly, I usually think of soup as being soup, but I now see that it can be so many more things. I've learned a lot and it's very tasty. It's a good tasty lesson.

OK. I think I've chosen a winner. Both of you did such an incredible job incorporating your Campbell's soups into your dishes, and they were both delicious, but I can only pick one person. And the winner is--


Chef Nyesha!




LAUREN LAPKUS: Congratulations, Chef Nyesha. Your prize is the gratification of knowing you impressed me, Lauren Lapkus.

NYESHA ARRINGTON: Oh, my wildest dreams have been fulfilled.


And that's our show! I don't know about you, but I am very sweaty from all that suspense and I mean more than usual. Anyway, thank you for watching and don't forget to enter to get great prizes in our boxed sweepstakes.

Thank you to Chef Nyesha and Chef Brian for their incredible performances in the kitchen. Thank you to Thrillist and thank you to Campbell's. Oh, and most importantly, thank you to me, Lauren Lapkus, for being such a magnetic and lovable host. I have to go call my agent and convince him to give me my own cooking competition show. Bye!