Camille Cottin Is Ready for International Stardom

Photo credit: Jessica Forde / Focus Features

It’s safe to say that once again une star est née. From Sarah Bernhardt to Brigitte Bardot to Léa Seydoux, French actresses have long found that a certain continental countenance can pave the way to a formidable career on American stages and screens. Thanks to Stillwater, a dramatic thriller in theaters now, it’s happening again.

Camille Cottin, the 42-year-old ­Paris-born actress, established herself in France with the 2013 TV comedy Connasse, but it was last year, when the razor-sharp series Call My Agent! began streaming on Netflix, that Cottin (who played Andréa Martel, a glamorous, ruthless rep for France’s A-list actors) received international attention.

Photo credit:  Eliott Bliss

In the coming months she’ll appear in House of Gucci, opposite Lady Gaga and Adam Driver—"it's going to be very interesting and rich in terms of the artistic direction," she says, "you're really in the Italian jet set in the 1990s, full of glitter, color, fur, marble, and gold"— and she’ll reprise her role as a shadowy crime boss in Killing Eve, but it’s Stillwater, a story about an American girl accused of murder in Marseilles, that’s set to make her a star stateside.

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“Camille has the right combination of depth, sincerity, integrity, and humor. She’s an actress who’s the complete package,” says Stillwater director Tom McCarthy. “She just has that thing.”

Cottin, whose character becomes entangled with the father of the accused, played by Matt Damon, saw some of her own wander­lust mirrored in the role. “Stillwater,” she says, “is about the importance of going somewhere else to find yourself.”

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