Camila Cabello Makes Fun of Shawn Mendes's TikTok Video

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello (#Shawmila to fans) clearly have the kind of relationship where poking fun at each other is a sign of affection. Case in point, the fact that Camila solidly made fun of Shawn’s TikTok skills (er, lack thereof?) — all in good fun of course.

TikTok doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and Shawn recently revealed that he needs some extra help in the editing department. “I’ve been trying to make a TikTok for two hours,” the singer-songwriter wrote in the caption of a recent video that’s a little, well, shall we say — rough around the edges. In the clip, Shawn prompts fans to hit him with their best “baby yeahs” before proceeding to riff a bit of his remix “KESI.” Not sure if Shawn lost some of his clips or what, but the video ends with the singer basically giving a blank stare at the camera.

Fans were quick to have a good laugh at Shawn’s expense (lovingly, obviously), with some wondering where his previous Vine talents might have gone. Camila was also pretty amused by her boyfriend’s video, as she soon took to the app to share her own version of the clip — complete with that confused stare at the end. “My fave TikTok,” she wrote at the bottom of her vid.

When they aren’t busy trolling one another on social media, Camila and Shawn have been spotted out and about lately, having recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. Just this weekend, the couple was seen strolling hand-in-hand in New York City, looking totally adorable and fully in love. As for those lol-worthy moments, Camila recently told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that she loves Shawn’s silly side, adding, “It’s great when he does things that are weird and dorky because I feel it makes him just like, less intimidating, his handsomeness, like makes me not as nervous.” Well then, we’d say that TikTok is the perfect antidote to those nerves!

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