Camila Cabello Defended Her Role As A Judge On "The Voice" Despite Feeling "Impostor Syndrome Sometimes"

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So, Camila Cabello is going to be a judge on The Voice.

Camila on the red carpet
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Yup, Camila will be joining Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani on the ol' red swivel chairs this season. Of course, this isn't Camila's first foray into singing reality TV competitions — given that the 25-year-old got her start on The X Factor a decade ago.

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Speaking to People magazine about her new responsibilities, she began, "I do get a little bit of impostor syndrome sometimes."

Camila and Blake as judges

Impostor syndrome is basically when you doubt your own abilities and feel, well, like an impostor.

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She continued, "I do want to do right by the contestants. There's some people that are 40, they've been doing this for so long, and I'm like, 'I think you should do it like this.'"

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Camila added, "I have been doing this for 10 years now, and I had extreme situations where it hasn't been a slow journey, either. So I've had to gather a lot of knowledge in a short burst of time. I do have something to offer, and I try to just be as helpful as possible."

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She also said, "I don't feel pressure anymore because I am absolutely killing it."

Camila at the Met Gala
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Camila explained how she learned "the psychological nerves tricks" to help high-stakes singing, continuing, "[I have] these little tips and tricks that didn't just come from the competition show but from my whole vibe, my whole 10-year vibe."

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Speaking of her 10-year vibe, Camila also revealed in a recent interview that she did actually audition for The Voice back in the day. It's not super clear what happened post-audition, but she said of her decision to go on The X Factor, “I wanted to meet One Direction because I was in love with Harry Styles."

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Okay, then!