Cameras capture workers fleeing giant landslide before it crashes down

Two workers escaped a massive landslide right in the nick of time.

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Heavy rainfall in Taiwan caused a landslide on Zhongheng Highway. The country experienced three landslides in April alone, according to Newsflare. On April 20, while doing construction maintenance on the road, a couple of workers were caught off guard by the natural disaster.

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One man was working near an underpass when suddenly a rush of dirt came pummeling toward him. He ran for cover and retreated to the underpass, where another worker had been.

Eventually, the landslide came to a halt, and all that was left was a mound of soil. Fortunately, the two men appeared uninjured.

According to the Center for Disease Control ad Prevention, landslides are typically triggered by other natural disturbances like heavy rains, earthquakes, droughts or volcanic eruptions. These disturbances cause masses of debris, like soil or rocks, to travel rapidly down a slope.

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