Camera footage that made us gasp in 2022

With the dawn of new home surveillance technology, there’s more footage of jaw-dropping candid moments than ever. Throughout 2022, people’s security cameras have captured some of the best home movies that run the gamut of emotions from heartwarming to heart-stopping. While many videos left us shook in 2022, here are 5 security camera clips that really took our breath away.

1. Ring doorbell captures UPS driver’s lightning-fast reflexes when 4-year-old is pinned by 100-lb. package

A Ring doorbell camera captured this incredible footage of a UPS driver, whose lightning-fast reflexes kicked into high gear when he heard a little boy crying for help after a large package pinned him to the ground. In a move viewers called “Superman-like,” the man bolted to the front door and hoisted the package off the little boy, saving him from harm’s way.

2. Concerned dogs rush to new mom’s rescue when she breaks down in emotional security footage

The bond between pets and their humans has never been more apparent than in this footage taken from a woman’s living room security camera. While straightening up, the new mom becomes emotional, eliciting a concerned response from her dogs, who run to her side for comfort in a touching clip highlighting the healing power of our furry friends.

3. Ring captures dad’s lightning-fast reflexes when he suddenly collapses to the ground: ‘What a save’

When you’re a parent, there are days you’ll feel like your hands are full. Just take it from this dad, who made an epic save after he took a tumble with his daughter in his arms after heading out with his family for the day. While holding his toddler, the dad falls to the ground, then reflexively tucks and rolls into a ball, protecting the little girl from an unpleasant encounter with the concrete pathway in front of the house.

4. Parents unplug Ring after 3-year-old claims voice keeps offering him ice cream at night: ‘Listen to your kids

Few things are scarier than when the device designed to protect you ends up being the source of trouble, as shown in this security camera footage taken from a little boy’s bedroom. While being tucked in for the night, the little boy tells his parents that he keeps hearing a voice speaking to him through the camera. What’s even more alarming is that this wasn’t the first time the little boy had mentioned this, prompting his parents to remove the camera immediately.

5. Nursery camera captures dog’s strange behavior in off-limits baby room: ‘He doesn’t know we installed a camera’

Being naturally curious, dogs love nothing more than having free rein to explore. A dog named Beef took full advantage of his family’s absence one day by sneaking into rooms that would usually be off-limits, like the baby’s nursery. In the Google Nest footage nominated for a Nestie for “Best Choreography,” Beef enters the baby’s nursery crawling on his stomach, before he stops in the middle of the room to happily roll around on the carpet.

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