'The Callisto Protocol' Drops Gruesome New Gameplay Trailer

·1 min read

Striking Distance Studios has now dropped a gruesome new gameplay trailer for The Callisto Protocol and the game continues to bring out heavy Dead Space vibes. It's no coincidence that the two titles resemble each other to a great extent given that most of the developers behind the new game moved over to Striking Distance after working on Dead Space back at EA.

While Motive Studios is now working on a remake of the beloved space horror experience, The Callisto Protocol will very much play like a spiritual successor to the original franchise. Just like before, you'll be playing as a lone protagonist who finds himself trapped in a prison colony on Jupiter's moon Callisto called Black Iron in the year 2320.

As Jacob Lee (portrayed by Transformers actor Josh Duhamel) your task is to fight off an alien invasion that seems to have been a product of the prison warden's bioengineering experiments. As you'd expect from the Dead Space crew, you'll also have a wide range of odd and unique weapons at your disposal, including the protagonist's main weapon, which works very similarly to Isaac's iconic Plasma Cutter. As a twist to its gameplay, Lee also wields powers of telekinesis, allowing gamers to manipulate the environment around them during combat and exploration.

For those interested, The Callisto Protocol arrives on December 2.

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