CLARE, Mich., Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --  Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC., is introducing a new product line under the title of: "BOX-BE™ ESS" invented to meet the need for responsible energy storage. This system is powered by ABC's revolutionary EverGreenSeal™ technology and is designed to meet the energy needs of today and future generations.

(PRNewsfoto/Advanced Battery Concepts)
(PRNewsfoto/Advanced Battery Concepts)

The U.S. Clean Energy Inflation Reduction Act recognizes, for the first time, the importance of Energy Storage to be incorporated into energy projects such as wind and solar. The BOX-BE system meets the initial requirements for installers and developers to apply for tax credits within the Act, making it even more affordable to include energy storage. ABC's president, Michael Everett said, "The installation of BOX-BE is responsible energy storage assisted by responsible purchasing incentives."

"It's a box. It is a large secure steel box loaded with our patented EverGreenSealTM  bipolar storage batteries wired in series along with related electronic components to make a stand-alone (or modular add-on) stationary unit providing high power and energy for long-duration discharges from a self-contained, self-regulated DC electric storage container – That's it!", said ABC's founder and CEO, Dr. Edward Shaffer II. "BOX-BE is a DC battery pack that can store and deliver 341 kilowatt hours of electrical energy per unit, daily, at power delivery rates up to 1.8 megawatts", he added.

BOX-BE ESS (Energy Storage System) costs scale directly with energy expansion. The 'plug-and-play' design allows for easy and simple connection to adjacent units expanding longer discharge capability, at a given power. This "easy scalability" feature is an essential part of meeting today's need for available, versatile and safe alternative energy storage that can be placed anywhere. The non-flammable battery chemistry is not capable of self-ignition assuring fire-safe operation that is not the case with many other electrochemical storage solutions.

There is significant market pull for such installations. A recently proposed BOX-BE modular installation at a remote site integrated with a solar field combines three BOX-BE units for storage of just over 1 Megawatt-hour (1MWh = 1,000 kilowatt-hours). This is enough daily energy for the planned headquarters operation to be self-sufficient achieving their objective to create one of the greenest facilities in the state independent of any other source of energy.

It is now possible for such environmental goals to be within reach because ABC's BOX-BE is currently the greenest energy storage system available regardless of the power source – solar, wind or grid.

Inside the BOX-BE is you will find the ultimate example of ABC's three-pronged commitment: Economically Responsible, Socially Responsible (meaning safe to people and property) and Environmentally Responsible energy storage systems.  

In line with Environmentally Responsible, Advanced Battery Concepts will use their new, state-of-the art, proprietary EverGreenSeal™ batteries in their BOX-BE product line. ABC pioneered new lead battery manufacturing technologies and proprietary advanced bipolar architecture to offer energy storage solutions with superior performance and economics.

The new EverGreenSeal™ batteries are designed for disassembly, unlike any batteries before them. The main components of the battery are separated and introduced back into the battery production cycle to be processed into new batteries. The spent "leady materials" are converted to "starting paste" elements through a proprietary process owned by ABC. There are no lead fumes or external wastes -- slag, for example, little to no energy input and minimal carbon dioxide emissions during material processing. At long last, a battery that is more efficiently recycled, capable of long and reliable performance and now available in the new BOX-BE ESS from Advanced Battery Concepts.

While not yet a familiar term "BOX-BE™ Energy Storage System" is a vital new addition to a more capable, reliable, and environmentally responsible electric power grid.

About Advanced Battery Concepts:

Advanced Battery Concepts manufactures and sells the most economically, socially, and environmentally responsible energy storage solutions available today. The business focuses on residential and long duration energy storage systems, built on a foundation of proprietary technology termed EverGreenSeal™ Technology. ABC's energy storage provides longest life, lowest installation costs, truly safe operation and a 100% evergreen recycling process.  

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